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Docinsano is a username created by Dr. Insano, PhD. He tends to roam the internets and can usually be found anywhere where there is knowledge to be sought. In the school of the high, he was notably regarded as "krazy" by his peers. A crappy skateboarder to boot, he often got bunged up in his trials. After his attempt to go pro, he discovered massive carpal tunnel in his wrists from playing too many video games and jacking off. He then proceeded to college soon after and recieved his PhD in insanity when he was 15 graduating magna cum laude from the Univerity of Insanity. Today, the Doc enjoys posting on several different message boards with being a favorite.

Docinsano's Modest Console Roster

  • NES painted black AKA the "Sintendo"
  • Sega Master System
  • PlayStation
  • Dreamcast
  • GameBoy Advance
  • PlayStation 2 (Just Added Recently!)

Recent Happenings

Since he joined the forums, Docinsano has: