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The following is a list of subdomains. Most of these pages are known to hardcore SydLexians, but may not be known to newer members. These pages are not linked to anywhere on the main site and are considered to be semi-secret.


Sydapedia... wait... you know about this page already, um... cause you are on it right now.

News's News Portal

The Best Page in the Universe

The website of Haddox. He's a pirate.

The Society for the Preservation of Lori Loughlin

Help keep Lori Loughlin sexy:


Not to be confused with the Association of Racist Gamers.

Lemon Party

Not the Lemon Party you might be used to or expect. See also: Lemon Party.

Orange Party

A spin-off of the original Lemon Party, the Orange Party is not your average fruit coming together.

Syd Lexia's Despair

A collection of demotivational posters made by Syd.

The Valdronius Mirror

A mirror of the old site with writings and articles by Valdronius.

The Amazing World of Dr. Jeebus

Your prescription for entertainment by Dr. Jeebus. (Note: Dr. Jeebus is not a real doctor.)


The sum of human knowledge: Kidd Video and Spontaneous Human Head Combustion.

Karate Kid

Whatever the fuck this is, GPFontaine probably had something to do with it ...