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Lordsathien joined the SydLexia.com forums back in the Winter of '05 (making him member #18) after stumbling across the site's article ranking the coolness level of all the Robot Masters from the Classic Mega Man series up to Mega Man 7. He also is the master of posting Youtube videos on the SydLexia forums and one of the players in Fernin's D&D campaign.

Notable Threads

The Video Game Name Chain As an exercise that might pique the forum's interests while also giving him something to do before getting a job, Lordsathien decided to see just how long a chain of game titles he could make without using the exact same name again. He hasn't considered making a longer chain since then, but welcomes anyone who can make a longer chain than 57 games. [1]

Lord Sathien's Actor's Spotlight In an attempt at creating a monthly article without all the pomp and formatting of one of the cover ones on the main site, Lordsathien decided to highlight the career (both former and current) of actors he deemed to be of "C" or "low-B" celebrity.

  • April 2008: John Kassir[2]
  • May 2008: Barry Gordon[3]
  • June 2008: Danny Cooksey[4]
  • July 2008: Thomas Francis Wilson, Jr.[5]
  • August 2008: No one. Because of scheduling issues, he was unable to pull one together and instead posted a youtube video of Bruce Lee's first screen test.[6]
  • September 2008: Robert "Bob" Picardo[7]
  • October 2008: Jason Marsden [8]

October is the last of the monthly articles. However, there are a few more scattered entries, with an intended change away from just actors and more on anything under-appreciated or semi-obscure.

  • January 2009: Actress Arlene Sorkin [9]
  • March 2009: The Dr. Pepper-Snapple Group [10]
  • August 2010: "Secondhand 'Satsu." A look at similar sentai/tokusatsu shows such as VR Troopers and Big Bad Beetleborgs which aired in the US [11]

Lord Sathien's Celebrity Thanatopsis Taken from the title of a poem written by William Cullen Bryant, which takes its title from the Greek thanatos ("death") and -opsis ("sight"); often translated as "Meditation upon Death," Since 2009, Sathien has written a yearly poem in memory of all celebrities and notable persons that died that year, usually citing that person's contributions and/or method of passing on.

Forum Avatars

Lordsathien has had many different icons/avatars on the forums. Almost every one of them has been some reflection of his personality or mood. Below is a list of them from newest to oldest:

  • Dice jar.jpg A collection of various gaming dice. Unable to find a decent picture of a pony bearing a d20 for a cutie mark, Sathien decided to just go for an image of a pile of them instead.
  • Nightmare Moon.jpg "Nightmare Moon" Taken in spirit of the forums of other members changing their avatars to Hitler and then various dictators. This movement was started in protest of Syd having not put up an article in some time, leaving Hitler on the front page for months. Nightmare Moon was taken because Sathien has no problem declaring that he is a brony.
  • Rotom.jpg "DS Rotom" Taken after helping out Respawnpoint's Child's Play charity marathon of 7 days and nights of pokemon. He donated $10 to the charity and provided the most pokemon donations at 21; the grand prize for donations was a raffled off copy of Pokemon Black with all 649 pokemon (the last three being obtained via HAX) and a special 3DS.
  • Joltik evo.jpg "Joltik Evo" Taken after beating the main story of his copy of White and frankly much cooler than the previous pokemon-related icons in his opinion.
  • Crazy.jpg "To be the best, you must be obsessed." Changed to go with the new year (2011) and continuing on with the decision behind changing to "Jolly Marowak" as well as having the resolution to capture all 649 pokemon by the end of that year.
  • Marowak profile.jpg "Jolly Marowak." Changed because he felt it was time for a change and given the decent headcount of pokemon players/fans on the forums now it seemed like a suitable replacement.
  • IconMe.jpg Himself. Coincides with acquiring a decent digital camera which he has started to use in making videos for youtube, with content relevant to the forums.
  • ShishioIcon.jpg Shishio Makoto, a burn victim from Rurouni Kenshin. Lordsathien used this one after the fallout from a harshly worded, but poignant post by JEW.
  • MogofWarIcon.jpg The Mog of War. Just a cool image. It should be noted Lordsathien has never played any of the God of War games.
  • Avatar Avatar.jpg An awesome image (the full size version anyway) of Aang from Aang: the Last Airbender showing mastery of all four elements.
  • Kuback.jpg Jim Kuback, from Mission Hill.
  • IMG 1.jpg Dr. Byron Orpheus, from The Venture Brothers. Was used in the grand roster for the Sydlexia Forum Character Battles.
  • BLOW ME by MrBoBBy x 10.jpg An NES cart with a retro meaning. Also, the only icon Lordsathien's reused.
  • Akabane.jpg Akabane Kurodo aka "Dr. Jackal" from Getbackers. This was Lordsathien's first avatar but was quickly abandoned due to the difficulty in reading the text and the low vibe for anime among the forums at the time.

Game Collection

Wii/Virtual Console

  • Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
  • Bomberman '93
  • Dr. Mario RX
  • Breath of Fire II
  • Mega Man 9
  • Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
  • Doc Louis' Punch-Out!! from Club Nintendo

3DS/DSiWare/3DS Virtual Console

  • Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
  • The World Ends With You (Given to him by Nihilistic_Glee during the Forum's 2011 Secret Santa
  • Pokemon White
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
  • Art Style: Pictobits
  • Art Style: Aquia
  • 3DS Ambassador Titles


  • One of the few active forum members from/in the Southeast United States (the only others being AtmanRyu, the mysterious DrBoron [only three posts, two from 2005 and one from 2007], Neutral-Bob, SSNintendo, and Thorton02)
  • Is the first furry among the active forum members, as far as he knows (UsaSatsui is not but is constantly mistaken for one. Must be the rabbit thing). (Royal Scottish is apparently also one judging from his deviantart page [14], but he never made a single post so nyeh!) Furthermore, as the first active furry member, it DOES NOT mean he speaks for all furries.
  • "The only sparkling vampires I want to see are the ones I pump full of magnesium rounds." - His thoughts on the topic of Twilight and how sunlight affects its vampires. Considered signature-worthy and used as such by SoldierHawk at one time.
  • "If idle hands are the Devil's tool, then when I jerk off am I communing with God?" - An old quote of his own he rediscovered in a file, later incorporated into the signature of another forumer.
  • According to [15], NONE of you bastards would want him stuck on a desert island with you.

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