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Animal House was the twenty-fifth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, Chivesy, and TARDISman.


[22:23] <Dr_Pretzel> Goo!

[22:24] <TARDISman> Faber College: A place for learn-pfffft couldn't keep a straight face saying that

[22:24] <TARDISman> Wait, Tim Matheson...

[22:24] <Chivesy> not going to lie the way you seperate your thought processes makes me zone out

[22:24] <TARDISman> Kevin Bacon!

[22:25] <Chivesy> Bacon!

[22:25] <Fernin> mmm, bacon

[22:25] <TARDISman> Dammit, now I want bacon

[22:25] <Chivesy> when was this movie made?

[22:25] <TARDISman> 60's

[22:25] <TARDISman> Right?

[22:25] <Fernin> I wanna say either 62 or 67

[22:25] <Chivesy> dang

[22:25] <Fernin> those dates stick out in my head

[22:26] <Fernin>, entirely off

[22:26] <Fernin> 78

[22:26] <TARDISman> Tim Matheson! Now I remember him!

[22:26] <TARDISman> He's the vice president in West Wing

[22:26] <Fernin> I take it Nedermeyer there is Matheson?

[22:26] <TARDISman> No, the name finally popped in my head

[22:26] <Fernin> ahh

[22:26] <Chivesy> Wow that guy is a douche

[22:27] <Fernin> Omega here is the douchebag frat, every college is required, by law, to have

[22:27] <TARDISman> I don't think Normie has one... they do have a student senate which is full of tools

[22:28] <Fernin> "Get over there, with the rest of the unmentionables"

[22:29] <TARDISman> Whooooo!

[22:29] <Chivesy> son of a bitch

[22:29] <Chivesy> mom called me to do something

[22:29] <TARDISman> John motherfuckin' Belushi

[22:29] <Chivesy> and I missed a good part

[22:29] <Chivesy> what made them switch to this one

[22:29] <TARDISman> Omega's full of dickheads

[22:29] <Fernin> the fact that the first one was populated by douchebags, and they were shunted to the Unmentionables corner, basically ignored

[22:30] <TARDISman> It's like comparing CNN to Sydlexia

[22:30] <Chivesy> wow what kind of a dumb question is that

[22:30] <Fernin> Kent's a bit of a... dork

[22:31] <TARDISman> Hooray for the awkward

[22:31] <TARDISman> Holy crap is she always serving up booze?

[22:32] <TARDISman> There's the vice president's ass

[22:33] <Chivesy> that was tight

[22:34] <Dr_Pretzel> Ready?

[22:34] <Fernin> ready

[22:34] <Chivesy> yeah

[22:34] <TARDISman> One sec

[22:34] <TARDISman> Ok set

[22:34] <Dr_Pretzel> Goo!

[22:35] <Fernin> "That guy sticking his tongue out wasn't supposed to be in the shot, he just wandered by. But we went with it anyway."

[22:35] <TARDISman> Not just animales

[22:35] <TARDISman> Animals

[22:35] <TARDISman> A house of animals

[22:36] <TARDISman> An animal house if you will

[22:37] <Chivesy> rofl... stop making shit up

[22:40] <Fernin> good ol' Flounder :D

[22:40] <TARDISman> Why the hell not?

[22:40] <TARDISman> Is this what your old college was like Chives?

[22:40] <Chivesy> hell no

[22:41] <Chivesy> that is a extreme exaggeration of drunk people

[22:41] <TARDISman> Right they're just depressed

[22:41] <Fernin> I know I used to pass a house on the way to my college that looked a lot like that one... tons of beer cans outside, faded as hell, carpets and curtains hanging everywhere, I always wondered if it was a frat house, or just one of the many town drunks

[22:41] <TARDISman> Donnie!

[22:43] <TARDISman> Bahahaha!

[22:44] <Chivesy> is this a class?

[22:44] <Fernin> college golf again

[22:44] <Fernin> actually, I have no clue what's up with the military stuff

[22:45] <TARDISman> Ready

[22:45] <Dr_Pretzel> Ready?

[22:45] <Fernin> ready

[22:45] <Chivesy> ready

[22:45] <Dr_Pretzel> Goo!

[22:46] <Dr_Pretzel> Nice cut, BTW

[22:46] <TARDISman> Yeah, excellent

[22:46] <Fernin> :)

[22:47] <TARDISman> Best. Teacher. Ever.

[22:48] <Chivesy> was thinking the same thing

[22:48] <TARDISman> It's like if Stonie was a teacher

[22:48] <Chivesy> than it turns into rape!

[22:48] <Dr_Pretzel> Oh man

[22:48] <TARDISman> Then dammit!

[22:48] <Dr_Pretzel> Pot parties always looked so cool in the movies

[22:49] <TARDISman> And here's the ending to Men in Black

[22:50] <Chivesy> rofl

[22:50] <TARDISman> Don't these people have homework or something?

[22:51] <Fernin> Bluto and D-Day, up to no good

[22:52] <Chivesy> that guy is sick

[22:52] <Dr_Pretzel> Man

[22:52] <Chivesy> rofl

[22:52] <Dr_Pretzel> When I first got my Walkman, I used to listen to /Pump/ /so/ much

[22:52] <Dr_Pretzel> lol

[22:53] <Chivesy> wow

[22:53] <TARDISman> Hooray murder!

[22:54] <Dr_Pretzel> It's subliminal messages about drugs!

[22:54] <Chivesy> they aren't blanks

[22:54] <Dr_Pretzel> Get it?

[22:54] <Dr_Pretzel> He's shooting horse

[22:54] <Chivesy> or just a heart attack

[22:54] <TARDISman> Hahahaha!

[22:54] <Fernin> best reaction ever from Bluto

[22:55] <TARDISman> HOLY SHIT!

[22:55] <Fernin>, is it just me, or is the video starting to de-synch?

[22:55] <Chivesy> ROFL

[22:56] <TARDISman> A bit

[22:56] <Fernin> it's barely off by a half second, but it's still bugging me

[22:56] <TARDISman> Oh god the horse!

[22:56] <TARDISman> Ready

[22:56] <Dr_Pretzel> Ready?

[22:56] <Chivesy> ready

[22:56] <Fernin> ready

[22:56] * Dr_Pretzel glares at Tardis

[22:56] <Dr_Pretzel> Goo!

[22:57] <TARDISman> What'd I do?

[22:57] <Dr_Pretzel>
[20:57:21] <TARDISman> Ready

[22:57] <Dr_Pretzel>
[20:57:22] <Dr_Pretzel> Ready?

[22:57] <TARDISman> Hahaha! I'm awesome like that

[22:57] <Fernin> hope nobody's hungry

[22:57] <TARDISman> Meal plan for the win!

[22:57] <Fernin> you might be after this scene

[22:58] <Chivesy> omg...

[22:58] <Fernin> he's a food vacuum

[22:58] <TARDISman> Holy mother of god he's the human incarnation of Pac Man

[22:58] <Dr_Pretzel> In Grade Nine I shoved my whole fist in my mouth once

[22:59] <TARDISman> God save me I wish Belushi was still with us

[22:59] * TARDISman is rolling about laughing

[23:01] <Chivesy> wtf

[23:01] <TARDISman> She's getting to 3rd Chives

[23:02] <Chivesy> that was just weird

[23:02] <Fernin> this scene gets choppy, had to remove the tits for youtube

[23:02] <TARDISman> Aw no boobies

[23:03] <Fernin> though, considering that they're blocked in the US anyway, I probably could've left 'em in...

[23:03] <Chivesy> ROFL

[23:03] <TARDISman> Is she deaf?!

[23:04] <TARDISman> And blind?! And that's a perfect me look

[23:04] <Fernin> in this scene, Bluto watches Mandy there undress... then feel herself up... and begin to pleasure herself

[23:04] <Dr_Pretzel> But then Canada might have a problem with'em, Fern

[23:04] <Fernin> hence the falling over

[23:04] <Fernin> mimeograph machine!

[23:04] <Fernin> gotta love dated technology

[23:05] <Fernin> by stealing the mimeograph carbon whatsit there, they get the test questions early, and can look up all the answers to make a nice crib sheet... if that Omega dick hadn't switched the whatsits

[23:07] <TARDISman> Shit!

[23:07] <Dr_Pretzel> Ready?

[23:07] <Fernin> readt

[23:07] <TARDISman> Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuun

[23:07] <Fernin> y*

[23:07] <Chivesy> ready

[23:07] <TARDISman> Ready

[23:08] <Dr_Pretzel> Goo!


[23:10] <TARDISman> Andd so the pelting begins

[23:11] <Fernin> that's a ridiculous amount of meat

[23:11] <TARDISman> Thaaaaaaaaaaat's what she said

[23:11] <Fernin> now, any normal guy would get the hell out of there... but not Otter

[23:12] <Dr_Pretzel> Hah!

[23:12] <TARDISman> What a pro!

[23:12] <Dr_Pretzel> What a winner!

[23:12] <TARDISman> Whooooooooooo!

[23:13] <Chivesy> TOGA

[23:14] <Dr_Pretzel> 45's like eighty something kilometres?

[23:14] <TARDISman> Ars Gratia Artis is the MGM thing isn't it?

[23:14] <TARDISman> Classic moment

[23:14] <Dr_Pretzel> Wonderful

[23:15] <Fernin> No protentious douchebags allowed here

[23:15] <Fernin> pretentious*

[23:15] <TARDISman> Now there's a lag

[23:16] <TARDISman> Regal for a sec

[23:18] <TARDISman> Drunk old lady=win

[23:18] <Dr_Pretzel> Ready?

[23:18] <TARDISman> Ready

[23:18] <Fernin> ready

[23:19] <Chivesy> ready aim fire

[23:19] <Dr_Pretzel> Goo!

[23:19] <TARDISman> More like scream aim fire amirite?

[23:19] <Chivesy> I suppose

[23:19] <Chivesy> orgy

[23:20] <Fernin> more choppy here, as he ogles her boobs

[23:20] <TARDISman> Sexy man John Belushi

[23:20] <Chivesy> wow...

[23:20] <Chivesy> he really wants to bone her

[23:20] <TARDISman> Hot DAMN!

[23:21] <Chivesy> hmmmm

[23:21] <Fernin> he's too drunk to be suave, she's too drunk to notice

[23:22] <Chivesy> I like the change between the drunk pro, and the first timer xD

[23:23] <TARDISman> Ironic thing is Matheson's character on the West Wing resigned after he had an affair

[23:24] <Chivesy> Rofl!!! Best plan ever!

[23:24] <Chivesy> Rofl...

[23:24] <Chivesy> drunk people

[23:27] <TARDISman> All from Bluto

[23:27] <Fernin> 62! That's why it sticks in my head

[23:27] <TARDISman> Renowned Tool

[23:28] <TARDISman> Hahaha!

[23:29] <TARDISman> Prelaw's bloodier

[23:29] <TARDISman> I want that blazer

[23:29] <TARDISman> Ready

[23:29] <Dr_Pretzel> Ready?

[23:30] <Dr_Pretzel> :P

[23:30] <Fernin> ready

[23:30] <Chivesy> :P

[23:30] <Chivesy> ready

[23:30] <Dr_Pretzel> Goo!

[23:32] <TARDISman> Awwwww tits

[23:32] <TARDISman> Can /YOU/ do that?

[23:33] * Dr_Pretzel swoons

[23:35] * Tofurkey ( has joined #MSLT2K

[23:36] <TARDISman> It just wouldn't be a comedy without a huge downer scene

[23:37] <TARDISman> And then that

[23:37] <Fernin> so damn smooth, that Otter

[23:37] <TARDISman> Indeed

[23:40] <Chivesy> what a player

[23:40] <TARDISman> You know how some people are as smooth as silk?

[23:40] <Chivesy> not me

[23:40] <TARDISman> Silk's smooth as Otter

[23:41] <Tofurkey> Ready?

[23:41] <Chivesy> yeah

[23:41] <TARDISman> Hai

[23:41] <Tofurkey> "Move to your left a little"

[23:41] <Fernin> ready

[23:41] <Tofurkey> Goo!

[23:41] <Tofurkey> I love the music

[23:41] <Fernin> more slight choppiness, you'll see where

[23:41] <TARDISman> So fuckin' naive

[23:41] * Tofurkey pokes Dr_Pretzl

[23:41] * TARDISman shoots the Tofurkey

[23:42] <Fernin> "She did? Wait... I invented my relationship with her... What are you talking about?"

[23:42] <Fernin> there's that choppiness, she was shirtless, he was feeling her up

[23:43] <Tofurkey> I really liked the cover of "Let's Dance" the Ramones did

[23:43] <Chivesy> haha funny

[23:43] * Dr_Pretzel ( Quit (Read error: Operation timed out )

[23:43] <Tofurkey> This movie's got a bitchin' soundtrack

[23:43] * Tofurkey is now known as Dr_Pretzel

[23:44] <Fernin> I dunno if boinking once really counts as an affair

[23:45] <TARDISman> It's cheating, but not a full on affair

[23:45] <TARDISman> Look at the bunny, the bunny's not crying!

[23:46] <Dr_Pretzel> Is this terribly matched up for anyone else?

[23:46] <Dr_Pretzel> Because it's super duper getting on my nerves

[23:47] <Fernin> it is, has been for a while... dunno what happened, either

[23:47] <TARDISman> And now I've seen Karen Allen's ass

[23:47] <Fernin> oh wait, duh...

[23:47] <Fernin> good lord, duh ><

[23:47] <Fernin> I chopped parts of the video out... but not all of the audio

[23:47] <Fernin> as well as his ass

[23:48] <TARDISman> I was actually typing and the way my wrist went it covered his ass

[23:50] <Fernin> I keep wanting to say exactly that to Anor

[23:50] <Fernin> because he seems to be starting off his life fat, drunk and stupid

[23:50] <Fernin> and high, as well

[23:51] <Dr_Pretzel> Ready?

[23:51] <TARDISman> Ready

[23:52] <Fernin> ready

[23:52] <Chivesy> ready

[23:52] <Dr_Pretzel> Goo!

[23:52] <Chivesy> and yes it is suppose to b e that soft

[23:53] <TARDISman> Tim Matheson, NOOOOOOO!!!

[23:53] <TARDISman> Whoooo!

[23:53] <Fernin> Rousing speech time!

[23:54] <TARDISman> Chivesy, let's play battle hymn!

[23:54] <Chivesy> what in the world is battle gymn

[23:54] <Chivesy> hymn

[23:54] <TARDISman> ...Of the republic

[23:54] <TARDISman> You know, that song that you played for 4 years

[23:55] <Chivesy> o god...

[23:55] <Chivesy> noooo...

[23:55] <Chivesy> 3 years by the way

[23:55] <TARDISman> There you go

[23:55] <TARDISman> Oh yeah, you skipped sophomore didn't you

[23:56] <Fernin> get ready for the most badass revenge scene on film

[23:56] <TARDISman> Oh boy!

[23:56] <Chivesy> SHATTER

[23:57] <Chivesy> =O

[23:57] <TARDISman> Whooooooo!

[23:58] <TARDISman> ...'

[23:58] <TARDISman> Wow

[23:58] <Chivesy> WTF

[23:58] <TARDISman> 13 and /that/ drunk

[23:58] <TARDISman> It's like my middle school

[23:59] <Chivesy> .... wow

Session Time: Wed Mar 10 00:00:00 2010

[00:00] <TARDISman> Pffft, core style

[00:00] <Chivesy> this seems slightly familiar

[00:01] <Chivesy> ROFL how do you make a float that fast

[00:02] <Chivesy> That would not happen

[00:02] <Dr_Pretzel> Ready?

[00:02] <Fernin> ready

[00:02] <Chivesy> ready

[00:02] <TARDISman> Yeah

[00:02] <Dr_Pretzel> Last part-o

[00:03] <Dr_Pretzel> El go-o!

[00:03] <Fernin> didn't you know that all marching bands /have/ to follow whoever's in front of them holding a baton?

[00:03] <TARDISman> Well then ours is just anarchy

[00:03] <Dr_Pretzel> Hah

[00:04] <TARDISman> What was Usa doing there?

[00:04] <Dr_Pretzel> BAD WORD!

[00:04] <Dr_Pretzel> BAD WORD!

[00:04] <Dr_Pretzel> BAD WORD!

[00:05] <Chivesy> wow this is quite the mad chaos scene

[00:07] <Dr_Pretzel> Hah

[00:07] <Chivesy> there was people on it, than no one on it, and than no one on it again

[00:07] <Dr_Pretzel> Oh wow

[00:08] <Fernin> oh, this being National Lampoon's Animal House, forgot to mention that

[00:11] <Chivesy> no band is that stupid

[00:11] <TARDISman> Well...

[00:11] <Dr_Pretzel> Good movie

[00:11] <TARDISman> Fuckin' Classic

[00:11] <Dr_Pretzel> We should do Fast Times next

[00:12] <Chivesy> interesting movie

[00:12] <Chivesy> liked it