's Super Smash Bros. League

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The SSSBL was started by Nekkoru in September, 2008.


Name Friend code Wins Losses Draws Points total
Nekkoru 4253-5628-4238 0 0 0 0
MOGHARR 3093-8724-8107 0 0 0 0


A win scores you two points, a draw - one point and a loss - zero points. That's it. You should all add others to your Wi-Fi friends list, by the way. If you want to compete, post in the thread and we'll find you an opponent.

Matches are played on random maps for five minutes, with items and etc. set to default.

You're fighting the man above you on the leaderboard. Newcomers should ALWAYS ADD THEMSELVES TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST. I mean it.

Current leaderboard


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