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This ' NAME ' template documentation is transcluded for all Template:Tlw/doc tagged templates [edit].Masterpage  

Similar templates at English sister projects [edit]
25x25px mta Meta-wiki Tlw
25x25px wpd Wikipedia Tlw
25x25px cms Commons Tlw
25x25px wbk Wikibooks Tlw
25x25px wsp Wikispecies Tlw
25x25px wvy Wikiversity Tlw

This Template is an interwiki version of 'template list' ({{tl}} 
... which reaches across sister projects and makes a link into the template space on the English Wikipedia. Hence the name, 'Tlw' is an mnemonic initialism for 'Template list (on) Wikipedia'.
  • W:template:template list -- which takes the parameter '|SISTER=' to designate non-local template space, and allows list of links examination of up to forty templates locally (default) or across the interwiki divide.
  • Tlx, which provides not only a better presentation than {{tl}}, but the same SISTER= parameter capability. Giving rise to the front end templates:
Tlxc, Tlxm, and Tlxw which with a one letter change link to a template on the Commons, Meta, and Wikipedia respectively.