The Legend of Zelda

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This article is about the NES game. Click the following link for The Legend of Zelda (Series)

A game where you are Link, the hero, and you must save the world by getting the Triforce and rescuing princess Zelda from Ganon (the asshole).

It was the first of only nine NES games to surpass Super Mario Bros., before Contra.


  • Link
  • Zelda
  • Ganon



  • Wood Sword
  • White Sword
  • Magic Sword


  • Bombs
  • Boomerang
  • Bow/Arrows
  • Candle
  • Food
  • Keys
  • Ladder
  • Large Shield
  • Letter
  • Magic Rod/Book
  • Magic Key
  • Potion
  • Rings

Princess Zelda

Well, since this is the Legend of Zelda, this would be the character that the game is based on. Princess Zelda is the princess of Hyrule. She has the Triforce of wisdom.


Link is the name given to the left-handed protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series. He is usually seen wearing his traditional green tunic and wielding a shield and sword. He has the Triforce of courage.


He is the main antagonist and is known as the "king of evil". He has an obsession with ruling the world. When Ganon takes the Triforce, it splits into three pieces. He holds the Triforce of power.

The Triforce

Also known as "The Golden Power", the Triforce has the power to make any wish come true. If the holder is malevolent in nature, the world will be engulfed in chaos. Usually, the Triforce splits into three pieces: Power, Courage, and Wisdom. The holder of the Triforce will then gain the piece that is best suited for them. The other pieces will then go to the people that are best suited for their specific traits.


This is one of the bosses in The Legend of Zelda. He walks from side to side and shoots fireballs.
Are statues that will become active if Link happens to get too close. They just move around randomly.
Has the ability to make Link unable to wield his sword. Bubbles don't inflict damage.
These are knights with heavy defense that will somewhat follow Link. They can only be attacked at their backs or sides and with bombs.
Is a boss and the flute is necessary to defeat it.
Is a boss and "dislikes smoke."
Fairies heal Link when he's wounded. Enemies can drop them.
These are smaller versions of Zols. They jump onto Link to slow him down. They are annoying, but not strong.
Is/are ghost(s) that roam the grave. If you touch graves, more will appear.
Is a mummy-type creature that might carry stuff, like keys or bombs.
Is a two, three or four-headed dragon boss. When one head is defeated, it will fly around. Gleeok attacks by using fireballs.
Is a spider boss that has one big eye. Its eye will open and close.
Goriya come in groups. When you enter a room, there will be several of them. If you luck out and kill the leader, the rest will die. Goriya are known for throwing boomerangs.
These are bats. They attack by flying into you.
These are centipede-like creatures. They will roam around the room and when you stab it, they will separate and move faster.
Leevers are these creatures that appear from the ground and attack Link. They usually go back into the ground and attack again.
Like Likes like to eat your shield, so you might want to avoid them.
These are centaur-like creatures. They do heavy damage and can shoot laser swords like Link.
This is a boss. It looks like a 4-handed crab plant. This creature shoots fireballs from its claws. The more damage dealt, the quicker it will move.
These boar-like creatures resemble Ganon. They attack by throwing spears.
These octopus-like things roam the land of Hyrule. They shoot out rocks.
This creature flies in dungeons and has a circle of smaller Patra around it.
These flying things usually fly for a bit, then land. They are invulnerable in the air.
Weird rabbit-looking creatures that can't stand noise.
Snake-like creatures that will run into Link if they see him.
These are skeletons brought to life with Ganon's magic. They can sometimes carry keys.
Are spiders with only 4 legs. They are usually found hopping around on rocky terrain.
These are like vampires. When you strike them, they separate into 2 red Keese.
One of the most annoying creatures is the Wall Master. It is a giant hand that will grab you if you're near the wall, then send you to the beginning of the dungeon.
A wizard-like creature that casts spells. There are 2 types, red and blue. Red appears randomly to attack you and will always be facing you. Blue roam around the room and if they spot you, they will attack relentlessly.
A Zol is a larger form of a Gel. They can hurt you and if you attack them, they will split into 2 Gels.


This is the town in which most Zelda games take place and their are all sorts of enemies suck as Octocroks, Pea Hats, and Levers.
As the name says, it's the Lost Woods there is a pattern to get through it but there is always a way to get out.
A place in which huge bolders fall from the top. Sounds nice right? This is where Gannon resides.


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