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ToGdor is a member of the Sydlexia forums and a frequent IRC chatter.

About this Magnificent Bastard

ToGdor lives somewhere outside Philadelphia, except when he's part of a foreign exchange program with Kenya. Then he lives in Kenya. He was born November 16, 1995 and is currently the second youngest regular poster on the boards, after M3GA MAN. He joined the forum June 4, 2008 and currently has about 1200 posts, however he's in the chat room a lot more than he's on the forum. Come down and see him some time.

Video Games

Video games have played a big part of ToGdor's life, starting when he was about 4 years old, when his older sister got an N64 for Christmas. The first game he played was either Pokemon Snap or Super Mario 64. He's been a gamer ever since then, growing up on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Pokemon Silver. He is a large fan of the Pokemon games and over 10 years has obtained, with the help of his sister, a very large collection of Pokemon cards, games, and other merchandise. It can be seen here:

Over the years, ToGdor has collected many games and systems. The systems he has owned, in chronological order are:

  • Nintendo 64
  • Gameboy Color
  • Playstation 2
  • Gameboy Advance
  • Gamecube
  • Wii
  • Xbox 360 Elite

His favorite franchises include The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Call of Duty, Silent Hill , Resident Evil and Sly Cooper.


Music is also a big part of ToGdor's life. His all time favorite band is AFI, who he's been listening to since 2003. He also enjoys Tiger Army, Choking Victim, and various other psychobilly and ska punk bands. He recently attended his first major concert, a Green Day show, opened by AFI. ToGdor also likes to think he can play bass, but he can't.


ToGdor has gone through many names on both the forums and IRC chat room. He joined the forums as ThatGuy in 2008. Later that year, he joined the chat room, however the name "ThatGuy" was already taken, so he called himself ThatOtherGuy. Hilarious, No? No. Anyway, that got annoying to type, so he abbreviated it to ToG. This somehow became ToGdor, and he decided to make that his name on the forums. Later names in the chat room include TheBassist, ChokingVictim, SpaceDolphin, and more recently, MacaroniKenshin.

Random Fun Facts

  • ToGdor is 5'3"
  • He only wears jeans
  • He once lit his hand on fire
  • He chews on things
  • He's been single his entire life
  • He calls himself straight edge, but in reality just never has any opportunities to drink/smoke
  • One time he dropped a dart and it stabbed into his foot
  • Another time he cracked a 6 inch block of ice with his skull
  • He's colorblind
  • He has asthma
  • He's pigeon-toed
  • His house is filled with the nightmare creatures known as Gejigeji (House Centipedes)