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America Online is an example of how a company can go from complete success to utter disgrace and failure.



America Online (AOL) is an internet content provider.

They used to be an Internet Service Provider ISP.

They are a terrible company and everyone who uses them ends up failing at the internet.

Syd Lexia

Syd Lexia has openly admitted to using AOL as his email provider.

Suggestions of being a 'fag'

Optimist With Doubts wrote: "Great job guys, why not just call him a fag and say to get over it?"

To which SoldierHawk kindly replied "Um, odd suggestion, but kay.

Syd, you're a fag and need to get over it.

I hope that helped..."


GPFontaine was kicked off of AOL, his first ISP, for sending someone a batch file that deleted their entire Windows 3.1 installation and some key DOS files.

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