Final Fantasy VIII

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A terrible game

Final Fantasy VIII, that would be 8 for idiots, is a game that you should not give to people who you dislike. It would be cruel.

Some day a real review might be placed here, but the truth is that it was absolute shit and doesn't deserve it.

Fan Response

  • <big>GAYGAYGAYEMOGAYGAYSISSYGAY! ANAL LUBE! BUTTSEX! ASTROGLIDE! GLORYHOLE!!!</big> - A homosexual fan who absolutely loved the game.
  • I suppose that it is in some ways like that incredible huge shit that you take once in your life when you look down into the bowl and say, "oh my god... I did that?" At that point you should look away, but it is glorious, even though it is just shit.

People who are not fans respond

  • This game is bad
  • I do not like it
  • Booo
  • 10:45?

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