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Once upon a time, Fred broke almost all the forum rules at once.

Original Forum Thread

Rules Fred Broke

Check.png 1. DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS.
Check.png 2. Punctuation and proper capitalization are your friends.
Check.png 3. Oh, one more thing...
Check.png 4. Picture size
Check.png 5. And while we're on the subject of images...
Check.png 6. The forums are not a pulpit.
Check.png 7. Banned word and phrases
Check.png 8. Don't bump old topics for no reason.
Check.png 9. Try to stay on the topic at hand.
Check.png 10. Be patient with your fellow forum members.
Check.png 11. Don't be dicks to each other.
Check.png 12. No racial slurs.
RedX.png 13. Don't re-edit modded posts.
Check.png 14. The sound of silence.
RedX.png 15. This is April O'Neil, signing off.
RedX.png 16. Less is more.
RedX.png 17. Relevance: It's What's For Dinner
RedX.png 18. You are not the master of unlocking.
RedX.png 19. Put out or get out.

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