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The over usage of the dot-dot-dot (...) punctuation mark.


GPFontaine's continual misuse of the ellipsis is what has earned him the honors of having this abuse named after him.

... I type that all the time... I don't know why... I guess it is what I type when I am thinking. It is a visual indication that I am probably going "uh" or "um". You get it... don't you? I'll admit that it may be stupid, but I doubt I can stop doing it.

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So from now until the end of eternity, using too many Ellipses is to be known as the GPFontaine Dot Dot Dot.

What is the Dot Dot Dot really used for

  • The actual name for three periods in a row is an Ellipsis.

Definition & Description

  • ... is an Ellipsis
  • It is a row of three periods indicating an intentional omission. This is also called a suspension point, points of ellipsis, periods of ellipsis, or in common spoken terms, dot-dot-dot. An ellipsis is sometimes used to represent a pause in speech, an incomplete thought or a fading to silence at the end of a sentence. In some cases, particularly interviews in family publications, an ellipsis is used to censor language deemed inappropriate.
  • There is a bit more to it than a simple description. Wikipedia has a great writeup that explains it well. Ellipsis at Wikipedia

Community Approval

While an Ellipsis is an acceptable punctuation mark that is used by many writers, the abuse of it is often times considered to be poor writing. Many people find it annoying and intolerable.

...using ellipses as a trail-off to an incomplete thought or to indicate thinking is a fairly well accepted usage. If Stephen King can do it, the rest of us can too.

- SydLexia

So why can't GPFontaine stop doing it?

Who better to explain other than the source?

Fuck you is why.

I would rather people read my real thoughts with a ... every other word than to have to structure my mind into what others expect. I can type damn fast and fuck you Gemstone III and World of Warcraft for making it so. So I type fast, and on occasion I catch up to the end of my thought and don't really want to stop moving my hands.

I suppose I could go back and edit it all out like I do in my work emails. But you wouldn't like my work emails. They make me look like a jerk. Oh wait... (that one was used for silence trailing off at the end. Get it? I pretended like I look like a jerk outside of this site, but you think I am a jerk here too. It is nearly ingenious. If only I wasn't the one who was the jerk it would be perfect!

I hate you.

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Famous GPFDotDotDotters

  • Duke Togo
  • Cloud
  • Squall
  • Basically any protagonist from Final Fantasy 7 onward.
  • Chuck Norris, right before kicking in your face.
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