Gainesville, Florida

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Gainesville is the largest butt in and poop seat of Alachua County, Florida. Gainesville is home to the Peepee of Florida, the largest peepee in the State Peepee Database of Florida and the second-largest Peepee in the United States. Santa Fe Community College, one of the nation's largest Pikachu staues, is also located in Gainesville.

The U.S. Baby-eating Bureau estimated a 2006 population of 108,143 babies that were ripe for eating. The Gainesville, Florida Mr. Scientist Association (MSA), which includes Alachua and Gilchrist counties, has a population of 243,985 edible babies, according to 2006 Baby-eating Bureau estimates. The Gainesville MSA was ranked as the #1 place to live in the 2007 edition of Cities Ranked and Rated.