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Username "Ice2SeeYou" taken from an episode of the Simpsons, from Renier Wolfcastle in his role of McBain, specifically. Upon shattering out of an ice sculpture during the villan's banquet, McBain recites the one-liner in his mono-tone Schwarzenegger-esque tone, "Ice to see you," and commences killing everyone, including the string ensemble hired to play the banquet.

Born in 1980. Currently employed as a mutual fund accountant. Living in Southeastern PA, outside Philadelphia.

I would consider myself to be an unholy union of a nerd, metalhead and athlete. I enjoy reading fantasy novels and leveling up my mage character in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, then getting in my car and listening to Manowar "Hail and Kill" while driving to my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/MMA class. I also play floor hockey and pickup soccer.

I am a big MMA fan and love to talk about it with anyone. It's the only sport I have any interest in following. Football, baseball, basketball and all the others bore me.

My favorite videogames tend to be stealth-action games, such as MGS, Hitman and Tenchu. I'm generally not a fan of FPS's, although Gears of War is fucking orgasmic.

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