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JoshWoodzy has been a forum member since May 22, 2008. He is 26. He lives with his wife and pets. He never, ever gets to play enough video games. He suspects a conspiracy of sorts, and an investigation is ongoing.


Has a beautiful daughter named Madilynn.

Unknown to most members of the forum, GPFontaine is joshwoodzy's biological father.

Josh can play the drums pretty adequately.

Plays "Mouse Trap" like a champ.

He can eat a whole lot more than his stomach should hold.

Has been known to play through Mega Man 3 up to three times in a row. Seriously.

Does not like mustard.

Is known to jog frequently.

Has a cat named Kitty and a cat named Zelda. Also a dog named Milo.

Top Ten NES Favorites

10. Metroid

9. Castlevania III

8. Megaman 2

7. Super Mario Bros.

6. Ducktales

5. Faxanadu

4. Megaman 3

3. Final Fantasy

2. Dragon Warrior III

1. Super Mario Bros. 3