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jprime is a member of the forums.

He first emerged on the forums on November 12, 2002, but hasn't posted there in years. He first discovered on September 26, 2006. Four days later, Syd put up The 100 Best NES Games Ever, contibuting to his knack for getting into things at just the right time. A few months after that, jprime found that the site had filled a void in his life before he even knew it was there. He felt no need to join the site forums until Syd put up The 100 Best SNES Games Ever.

Having had prior experience on forums, jprime got the idea to post a series of polls comparing the games on the two lists according to position, but debated with himself for over two months whether or not to go through with it. This came to a head in the wee hours of January 27, 2008, when he learned that Syd, like Dr. Jeebus, had never beaten Journey To Silius, something jprime had done several times since tracking it down at a flea market in May of the previous year. When the sun came up, he did everything necessary to join the forums and jprime was reborn.

A few days after scolding Syd for his inability to beat a game that he himself could since the day after buying it, he sent Syd a private message with his proposal. Syd green-lit the project and two days later, the polls began. In the coming weeks, jprime endured a good amount of flaming, which was, more often than not, piercing. Before long, it subsided and he was able to complete the project with the final poll ending on May 12, 2008.

Starting the day after, jprime posted a series of hit-and-miss topics, which culminated in the arguably site-defining Let's say fuck. Today, he enjoys the odd post now and again like all the other members. He is also responsible for a good number of errors on the site being corrected, including the incorrect article count, though he still sometimes gets flamed for that, too.

Favorite franchise/movie: Mega Man

Favorite actor: Tim Curry

Least favorite movie: Honey, I Shrunk The Kids