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Dr. Jeebus is the biological brother of Syd Lexia. He wrote 2 articles and contributed to the 100 best NES games list, but failed to complete the many articles he intended to write due to time constraints, as well as the amount of time and effort required to get one article posted.

After a long hiatus, Dr. Jeebus created a blog, The Amazing World of Dr. Jeebus, where he talks about whatever crosses his mind, the majority of it not necessarily related to pop culture. Because of the nature of the entries, he has been able to publish entries at an efficient rate thus far, and expects to be able to continue at this pace as each entry is much shorter than a full article. And hey, it's a lot more rewarding working on something and then instantly being able to post it and get feedback instead of spending hours and hours days, or sometimes weeks, before being able to publish anything. That's right Syd, I went there.