List of important IRC commands

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The following is a list of useful IRC commands for the IRC channel.

Table of Commands

Category Action Command
Basic Command Registers your nickname with DALnet. /nickserv register <password> <email>
Basic Command Identify yourself as a register user. /nickserv identify <password>
Basic Command Recover your nickname from unregistered use. /nickserv recover <nick> <password>
Basic Command Join the IRC Channel. /join #sydlexia
Basic Command Perform an action. /me <action>
Basic Command Check someone's registration status. /nickserv acc <nick>
Operator Command Change the channel's topic. /topic #sydlexia <topic>
Operator Command Make a user an operator for the duration of their chat session. /op <nick>
Operator Command Forcibly eject M3GAMAN Hacker from the channel. /kick #sydlexia hacker