List of songs that reference video games

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  • "13th Floor/Growing" by OutKast (ATLiens, 1996):
    "To stand up on yo' game and pimpin these crows you must be flawless
    Like Mortal Kombat, but fuckin these wombats got you dizzy"


  • "Anyone Else But You" by The Moldy Peaches (The Moldy Peaches, 2001):
    "Up up down down left right left right B A start
    Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart"


  • Has It Come To This" by The Streets (Original Pirate Material, 2002):
    "Turn off your phone
    Cos this is our zone
    Videos, televisions, 64s, playstations"
  • "Human video game" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper, 1988):
    "It's me against an ape, he's got my girl, I've got to save her!
    Oh no, I feel an attack coming on
    Yo Ready Rock C I wanna play a game of Donkey Kong


  • "Juicy" by The Notorious B.I.G. (Ready To Die, 1994):
    "Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
    When I was dead broke, man, I couldn't picture this"
  • "Jump Around" by House of Pain (House of Pain, 1992):
    "Tryin' to play me out like as if my name was Sega"


  • "Murder Murder" by Eminem (The Slim Shady EP, 1997):
    "Actin' like they never seen nobody hit a nick before
    Smashed the window, grabbed the Nintendo 64
    When they sell out in stores the price triples
    I ran up the block jumpin' kids on tricycles"


  • "Nobody's Hippie" by Kimya Dawson (Knock-Knock Who?, 2004):
    "Maybe I'll play Tekken 2 all alone again
    Hold down select and then laff at big heads"


  • "Rollout (My Business)" by Ludacris (Word of Mouf, 2001):
    Are you custom-made, custom-paid, or you just custom-fitted?
    Playstation 2 up in the ride and is that Lorenzo-kitted?


  • "Still Tippin" by Mike Jones (Who is Mike Jones?. 2005):
    "Blowing on the endo Game Cube Nintendo
    Five percent tint so you can't see up in my window"


  • "The Irony Of It All" by The Streets (Original Pirate Material, 2002):
    "I just completed Gran Tourismo on the hardest setting"


  • "You're Only A Customer" by Jay-Z (Streets Is Watching, 1998):
    "More flavor than y'all can image havin'
    Graphic like Sega, Saturn, traffic like the Bodega"
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