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He's a 30 year old user who's not only fat, but a loser. He calls himself HardcoreGamer4Ever, but his favorite company is Nintendo. The origin of his name is that he's not like other hardcore gamers in that they like violent, mature games, such as Grand Theft Auto and first person shooters, but he loves video games and he believes they are the one of the best forms of entertainment. However, he still does like GTA and whatnot.

He is still a fat fuck and a nerd. His greatest accomplishment is his 4 Virgin Of The Year Awards, which is indeed a world record. He believes retro games are better than modern ones, though he still enjoys modern games. His favorite console is the GameCube. His name was changed from HardcoreGamer4Ever to Logan on July 1, 2011. Despite the fact that he's now legally an adult, he's about as mature as a 3 year old. He eventually requested his name be changed back to HardcoreGamer4Ever due to being a sappy, sentimental dork who missed the old name, and Syd graciously accepted his request. He still sucks eggs all these years later.


Logan started a website back in 2010 called The Greatest Blog Of All Time. He changed the name in March 2013 to Happy Katana due to another website going by that name. It has four writers, and it's a fairly decent pop culture website, though that's certainly not due to Logan's writing. Some of his influences are Syd Lexia, The Video Game Critic, Maddox, and his old blog, Retro Gaming Is Best.