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On Monday, March 2nd, 2009, M3GA_MAN decided to start babbling about how much the US government lies to its citizens. This turned into a conversation that stopped trivia, and turned into a full on battle between SoldierHawk and M3GA_MAN.

tl;dr- M3GA says our country lies the most, can't prove it, talks about Auto-Fellatio, gets kicked off.

The Log

[01:13] * M3GA_MAN is now known as The_
[01:13] * The_ is now known as The_100
[01:13] * The_100 is now known as The_100000_Pyramid
[01:13] <Captain_Pollution> If one only ate nuts and milk, how would ones diet be?
[01:13] <The_100000_Pyramid> :d
[01:13] <The_100000_Pyramid> :D
[01:13] <@Lexiabot9000> Hint 3: *****c* 
[01:13] <The_100000_Pyramid> poor
[01:13] <Captain_Pollution> Good cal
[01:13] <SoldierHawk> yeah, I don't think that's ideal
[01:13] <@Lexiabot9000> Time up! Answer was: Justice
[01:13] <SoldierHawk> Although people have survived on less
[01:14] <@Lexiabot9000> Question: Name that Zelda Monster: The huge worm living in the labyrinths. It grows smaller as Link attacks it. Not so strong.
[01:14] <@Fernin> definitely bad for your health, you'd be missing a lot of nutrition
[01:14] <The_100000_Pyramid> I always go for the brains :/
[01:14] <SoldierHawk> be lacking in things like vitamin C more than anything else
[01:14] <SoldierHawk> Moldrom
[01:14] * rossrifle (~yhiselamu@lap.ee) has joined #sydlexia
[01:14] <SoldierHawk> lanmolas
[01:14] * rossrifle (~yhiselamu@lap.ee) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[01:14] * rossrifle (~yhiselamu@lap.ee) has joined #sydlexia
[01:14] <@Lexiabot9000> Hint 1: ******m 
[01:14] <@Fernin> lots of vitamins and minerals that you'd get from fruits and vegetables
[01:14] <Captain_Pollution> Ross!
[01:14] <The_100000_Pyramid> great
[01:14] <rossrifle> hey guys
[01:14] <SoldierHawk> hey ross!
[01:14] <rossrifle> shit, I need something better to do haha
[01:14] <@Lexiabot9000> Hint 2: ****o** 
[01:14] <The_100000_Pyramid> I'm sorry Ross, but I just don't like Canada
[01:14] <Captain_Pollution> Why'd you come back?
[01:14] <rossrifle> hey Hawk!
[01:14] <SoldierHawk> Congratulations Ross, you are now on Team Hawk :D
[01:14] <rossrifle> AWESOME!
[01:15] <Captain_Pollution> Woah!
[01:15] <@Lexiabot9000> Hint 3: M****** 
[01:15] <The_100000_Pyramid> Milonae
[01:15] * SoldierHawk high fives
[01:15] <Captain_Pollution> There's 3 canadians in here right now
[01:15] <SoldierHawk> Moldroms
[01:15] <The_100000_Pyramid> :/
[01:15] <SoldierHawk> god dammit how do you spell that
[01:15] <The_100000_Pyramid> I can't say I enjoy the US to much either
[01:15] <@Lexiabot9000> Time up! Answer was: Moldorm
[01:15] <The_100000_Pyramid> The Government lies to us every day
[01:15] <SoldierHawk> OH
[01:15] <Captain_Pollution> You should go to China
[01:15] <@Lexiabot9000> Question: What does the Blob become when you throw him a Honey jellybean, followed immediately by a Ketchup jellybean?
[01:15] <SoldierHawk> its moldorm
[01:15] <SoldierHawk> fuck
[01:15] <The_100000_Pyramid> and become a fucking Gold Farmer for WoW?
[01:15] <The_100000_Pyramid> haha
[01:15] <The_100000_Pyramid> no thanks
[01:15] <@Fernin> I always thought it was Moldrom growing up, Soldier
[01:16] <The_100000_Pyramid> I've got a life
[01:16] <rossrifle> :/
[01:16] <Captain_Pollution> If you try a communist government you'll be amazed how much MORE the government can lie
[01:16] <@Lexiabot9000> Hint 1: **i** *a** 
[01:16] <The_100000_Pyramid> dude
[01:16] <rossrifle> so Hawk, I have your vote right?
[01:16] <The_100000_Pyramid> The US lies to us more than anyone
[01:16] <SoldierHawk> hahahaha I thought it was Moldrom until about ten seconds ago [01:16] <Captain_Pollution> To US yeah
[01:16] <@Lexiabot9000> Hint 2: B**** W*** 
[01:16] * SoldierHawk facepalms
[01:16] <The_100000_Pyramid> lol
[01:16] <The_100000_Pyramid> Boner Waxs
[01:16] <@Fernin> okay, I'm not standing for any political craptossing tonight, change the topic already
[01:16] <@Lexiabot9000> I'm glad you're so proud of your boner, The_100000_Pyramid
[01:16] <The_100000_Pyramid> BONER WAXE
[01:16] * @Lexiabot9000 uncomfortably crosses his legs.
[01:16] <@Lexiabot9000> Hint 3: ***c* **l* 
[01:16] <The_100000_Pyramid> :/
[01:17] <The_100000_Pyramid> Politics are awesome though
[01:17] <@Lexiabot9000> Time up! Answer was: Brick Wall
[01:17] <@Fernin> politics are fine, baseless insulting is moronic
[01:17] <The_100000_Pyramid> But US government lies to their people the most
[01:17] <SoldierHawk> No, that would be North Korea
[01:17] <@Fernin> you said that, m3ga, but you have absolutely no way to back that up
[01:17] <@Lexiabot9000> Question: After beating Super Mario Bros. once, what do all the goombas become in the second playthough?
[01:17] <rossrifle> politics are not awesome, and we have reps from two different countries here
[01:17] <Captain_Pollution> Michael Moore tell you that?
[01:17] <rossrifle> now is not the place
[01:17] <The_100000_Pyramid> You wanna bet on that
[01:17] <The_100000_Pyramid> ?
[01:17] <SoldierHawk> Yes. yes I would.
[01:17] <The_100000_Pyramid> Ok
[01:17] <@Fernin> I'll bet that if you don't shut up, you'll get kicked, m3ga
[01:17] <@Lexiabot9000> Hint 1: B**** *e***** 
[01:17] <The_100000_Pyramid> First/Biggest Lie
[01:17] <SoldierHawk> The North Koreans think they won WW II
[01:17] <SoldierHawk> game, set match
[01:17] <The_100000_Pyramid> Aliens
[01:17] <The_100000_Pyramid> They say there isn't any
[01:18] <The_100000_Pyramid> but there is
[01:18] <@Lexiabot9000> Hint 2: *u*** **e**** 
[01:18] <rossrifle> wow, good call Hawk!
[01:18] <Captain_Pollution> Oh, shut up!
[01:18] <The_100000_Pyramid> actually
[01:18] <rossrifle> big deal, aliens have nothing to do with lying or politics
[01:18] <SoldierHawk> Everything I know, I learned from Eric Bischoff lol
[01:18] <@Lexiabot9000> Hint 3: **z** *****e* 
[01:18] <SoldierHawk> And honestly, if you think the US gov is such a liar...
[01:18] <The_100000_Pyramid> some North Koreans still think Vietnam is still going on
[01:18] <The_100000_Pyramid> lol
[01:18] <SoldierHawk> You must also think they're the smartest and most amazing people in the world
[01:18] <@Lexiabot9000> Time up! Answer was: Buzzy Beetles
[01:18] <@Fernin> !stop
[01:18] <The_100000_Pyramid> who?
[01:18] <@Lexiabot9000> Trivia stopped. Type !Start �05to start again.
[01:18] <SoldierHawk> TO be able to keep something like that a secret
[01:19] <The_100000_Pyramid> The US
[01:19] <The_100000_Pyramid> ?
[01:19] <SoldierHawk> The US government can;t even keep the fact that most members of congress fuck around on their wives a secret
[01:19] <rossrifle> I don't want to discuss politics, but I want to see M3GA get his shit ruined by Hawk
[01:19] <@Fernin> yeah, same here, ross, that's why I haven't kicked m3ga yet
[01:19] <The_100000_Pyramid> lol
[01:19] <SoldierHawk> Oh, is Pyramid Mega?
[01:19] <rossrifle> ha!
[01:19] <The_100000_Pyramid> Yeah
[01:19] <The_100000_Pyramid> :D
[01:19] <SoldierHawk> That explains so much
[01:20] <rossrifle> yeah
[01:20] * SoldierHawk eyerolls
[01:20] <rossrifle> haha
[01:20] * The_100000_Pyramid is now known as M3GA_MAN
[01:20] <M3GA_MAN> :'(
[01:20] <M3GA_MAN> I'd call you a douchebag, but the names reserved to someone else
[01:20] <SoldierHawk> Fair warning, Mega
[01:20] <SoldierHawk> I teach Poli sci
[01:20] <rossrifle> oh yeah, tears for M3GA because it's not like he started it or anything
[01:20] <SoldierHawk> And Us government
[01:20] <rossrifle> *facepalm
[01:20] <SoldierHawk> you aren't winning this
[01:20] <M3GA_MAN> So :/
[01:20] <rossrifle> DO IT HAWK!
[01:20] <rossrifle> DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:20] <M3GA_MAN> Do what?
[01:20] * SoldierHawk cracks fingers
[01:20] <rossrifle> YES!@
[01:20] <M3GA_MAN> should I be scared?
[01:20] <rossrifle> DESTROY!!!!!
[01:21] * M3GA_MAN acts confused
[01:21] <rossrifle> acts?
[01:21] <rossrifle> ha
[01:21] <M3GA_MAN> :D
[01:21] <M3GA_MAN> I know what's coming
[01:21] <M3GA_MAN> So I feel like acting a little bit
[01:21] <M3GA_MAN> :P
[01:21] * SoldierHawk raises an eyebrow
[01:21] <M3GA_MAN> >_>
[01:21] <M3GA_MAN> Probally a fist to the jaw
[01:21] <rossrifle> *tumbleweed passes between Hawk and M3GA, the saloon doors close*
[01:22] <M3GA_MAN> :/
[01:22] <M3GA_MAN> Saloon?
[01:22] <M3GA_MAN> I don't drink
[01:22] <SoldierHawk> explain to me again why the US government lies more than any other? No denying they lie, of course, but what evidence do you have that they lie the MOST?
[01:22] <M3GA_MAN> lol
[01:22] * SoldierHawk appreciates the High Noon reference
[01:22] <rossrifle> *nod
[01:22] <M3GA_MAN> High Noon?
[01:22] <rossrifle> *click*
[01:22] <Captain_Pollution> Amswer the question
[01:22] <M3GA_MAN> Why they lie
[01:22] <M3GA_MAN> Or Why I think they lie?
[01:23] <rossrifle> *doodoloo....doo doo doo...
[01:23] <M3GA_MAN> :D
[01:23] <Captain_Pollution> the MOST
[01:23] <SoldierHawk> well I know you think they lie
[01:23] <M3GA_MAN> I like to stall
[01:23] <SoldierHawk> You and I both know they lie
[01:23] <SoldierHawk> Every government does
[01:23] <rossrifle> truth
[01:23] <M3GA_MAN> Ok
[01:23] <SoldierHawk> A totally honest government would be incapable of sustaining itself
[01:23] <M3GA_MAN> Family members lost in War
[01:23] <rossrifle> uh oh
[01:23] <Captain_Pollution> ?
[01:23] <SoldierHawk> ...okay...
[01:23] <Captain_Pollution> Go on...
[01:23] <M3GA_MAN> The Government lies a shit ton about it
[01:23] <SoldierHawk> And that has to do with my question because...?
[01:24] <M3GA_MAN> They say that family members are KIA when they are actually MIA
[01:24] * Spehornoob (~chatzilla@icn6.elmhurst.edu) has joined #sydlexia
[01:24] <M3GA_MAN> That's lying
[01:24] <rossrifle> I can't believe he's saying this to a US soldier
[01:24] <M3GA_MAN> Aliens
[01:24] <SoldierHawk> Yes, that's true, they do do that
[01:24] <M3GA_MAN> They lie to every person in the US about aliens
[01:24] <SoldierHawk> but so does every other government
[01:24] <Spehornoob> Oh I've gotta hear this. What did he say?
[01:24] <SoldierHawk> its called CYA
[01:24] <SoldierHawk> Cover Your Ass
[01:24] <rossrifle> Aliens are strictly belief based at this point
[01:24] <M3GA_MAN> lol
[01:24] <M3GA_MAN> You wanna bet on that?
[01:24] <@Fernin> I would, actually
[01:24] <SoldierHawk> They can't expend the resources of a whole government to get ONE MIA soldier out
[01:25] <docinsano> Blarrg
[01:25] <SoldierHawk> WE all would like to think they would
[01:25] <SoldierHawk> Reality is, they won't
[01:25] <@Fernin> there has been no scientific proof of extraterrestrial life as of yet
[01:25] <M3GA_MAN> My father was a fucking Cryptotech
[01:25] <Captain_Pollution> M3GA's proving to Hawk how the US government is horrible and lies the most
[01:25] <docinsano> Mmmmm cheese is good
[01:25] <SoldierHawk> Tp placate people, they call the KIA
[01:25] <M3GA_MAN> He knows
[01:25] <SoldierHawk> All governments do it
[01:25] <SoldierHawk> next point
[01:25] <M3GA_MAN> No one cares about cheese Doc
[01:25] <@Fernin> his next 'point' is aliens
[01:25] <M3GA_MAN> We aren't discussing it
[01:25] <rossrifle> I DO
[01:25] <SoldierHawk> Right
[01:25] <Spehornoob> And reality is, that's probably the most responsible (if not most moral) decision.
[01:25] <@Fernin> if you didn't want to discuss aliens, why did you bring up aliens?
[01:26] <rossrifle> your dad apparently seeing aliens is?
[01:26] <docinsano> Shut up Mega
[01:26] <docinsano> I like cheese
[01:26] <SoldierHawk> How on Earth do you think its possible for a government to keep something like THAT a secret?
[01:26] <Spehornoob> Seriously, did M3GA piss off the soldier chick?
[01:26] <M3GA_MAN> Don't you think the Member that's MIA or KIA's parents should be told the truth
[01:26] <rossrifle> yes
[01:26] <docinsano> so you can take some and shove it up your ass
[01:26] <rossrifle> all of us actually
[01:26] <Spehornoob> Cause if he did, he's an idiot.
[01:26] <M3GA_MAN> They have every fucking reason to
[01:26] <Captain_Pollution> yes he did
[01:26] <M3GA_MAN> I did
[01:26] <SoldierHawk> Yes, I do
[01:26] <M3GA_MAN> :/
[01:26] <SoldierHawk> But that's not the question
[01:26] <M3GA_MAN> What's the question?
[01:26] <M3GA_MAN> I forgot
[01:26] <@Lexiabot9000> GOOGLE IT, M3GA_MAN!!!!
[01:26] <SoldierHawk> The question is about the realitive truthfulness of our governemtn
[01:26] <@Fernin> I don't think Hawk is pissed off, I think she's having fun, toying with m3ga and putting him in his place
[01:26] <SoldierHawk> *government
[01:26] <docinsano> lulz
[01:26] <M3GA_MAN> Realitive?
[01:26] <docinsano> Yeah put mega in his place!
[01:27] <SoldierHawk> Yes
[01:27] <M3GA_MAN> I've got no place to be put in
[01:27] <rossrifle> don't you DARE pull spellcheck card here
[01:27] <M3GA_MAN> So that's not possible
[01:27] <Spehornoob> Nice job, moron, you're fucking with a defender of your freedom. Asshole.
[01:27] <rossrifle> oh yes you do
[01:27] <SoldierHawk> You claimed our government lies more than any other
[01:27] <M3GA_MAN> Oh
[01:27] <M3GA_MAN> I'm not saying I don't respect
[01:27] <M3GA_MAN> the US
[01:27] <rossrifle> You just hate it
[01:27] <SoldierHawk> Therefore, we are discussing the truthfulness of our government relative to the truthfulness of others.
[01:27] <M3GA_MAN> I'm just saying that they lie a fuck ton to their people
[01:27] <rossrifle> like Canada
[01:27] <Captain_Pollution> You're just saying their HORRIBLE
[01:27] <M3GA_MAN> Yeah
[01:27] <M3GA_MAN> when it comes to lying
[01:27] <Spehornoob> ...
[01:27] <M3GA_MAN> :/
[01:27] <rossrifle> um...turn around much?
[01:28] <Captain_Pollution> wait, what?
[01:28] * M3GA_MAN facepalms
[01:28] <Spehornoob> So, uh, I was fucking with sick bastards today! Check the nWo!
[01:28] <rossrifle> haha
[01:28] <M3GA_MAN> Fucking sick bastards?
[01:28] <rossrifle> FUCKING WITH!
[01:28] <Captain_Pollution> Me too!
[01:28] <M3GA_MAN> :D
[01:28] <rossrifle> READ YOU FUCKING IDIOT!
[01:28] <M3GA_MAN> I read it
[01:28] <Spehornoob> Yeah, Cap was there too!
[01:28] <M3GA_MAN> I was just having some fun
[01:28] <@Fernin> eesh, let's not get into the #incest raid again
[01:28] <M3GA_MAN> :)
[01:28] <M3GA_MAN> INCEST
[01:28] <Spehornoob> Cap, kyou and I fucking rock!
[01:28] <Captain_Pollution> It's Father's right
[01:29] <M3GA_MAN> ftl
[01:29] <docinsano> DONT POST THOSE CHANNLES?:
[01:29] <M3GA_MAN> I'm gonna raid it
[01:29] * Captain_Pollution high fives Spehornoob
[01:29] <docinsano> Jesus
[01:29] * SoldierHawk (~chatzilla@ip68-6-232-131.sd.sd.cox.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[01:29] <rossrifle> you're gonna join you mean
[01:29] <Captain_Pollution> aw
[01:29] <docinsano> Go ahead Mega
[01:29] <docinsano> raid some rooms
[01:29] <rossrifle> do it!
[01:29] <Captain_Pollution> Get out of this one first, though
[01:29] <M3GA_MAN> I still say that I win that convo
[01:29] <M3GA_MAN> she left first
[01:29] <M3GA_MAN> :)
[01:29] <rossrifle> um
[01:29] <Captain_Pollution> Because you lost?
[01:29] <rossrifle> what?
[01:29] <M3GA_MAN> lol
[01:29] <Spehornoob> You're an idiot.
[01:29] <@Fernin> she left because of internet troubles, twit
[01:30] <M3GA_MAN> :/
[01:30] <M3GA_MAN> so
[01:30] <M3GA_MAN> It still counts
[01:30] <Spehornoob> I hope you get crushed by a heavy, metal object.
[01:30] <Captain_Pollution> Hey, so Hawk's done, you said that's why you were keeping him here, so...
[01:30] <@Fernin> you're really trying my patience, m3ga ><
[01:30] <rossrifle> like a flute!
[01:30] <M3GA_MAN> Is that bad?
[01:30] * SoldierHawk (~chatzilla@ip68-6-232-131.sd.sd.cox.net) has joined #sydlexia
[01:30] <Captain_Pollution> Hawk!
[01:30] <rossrifle> oh hey Hawk!
[01:30] <SoldierHawk> fucking IRC
[01:30] <SoldierHawk> Sorry about that guys
[01:30] <rossrifle> M3GA was just saying how he won
[01:30] <rossrifle> because you left
[01:30] <M3GA_MAN> :/
[01:30] <M3GA_MAN> Fuck
[01:30] <SoldierHawk> Got booted
[01:30] <M3GA_MAN> I lose :(
[01:30] <@Fernin> and if I see you in any other rooms, m3ga, I'm kicking you out of here and putting a ban on you
[01:31] <@Fernin> I don't trust you to raid smartly
[01:31] <Spehornoob> M3GA, I hope you get vaporized by a Nazi.
[01:31] <SoldierHawk> lmao
[01:31] <rossrifle> hahaha
[01:31] <M3GA_MAN> Sounds like fun?
[01:31] <SoldierHawk> Now m3ga, how did you win again?
[01:31] <SoldierHawk> Have you even made a single valid point yet?
[01:31] <M3GA_MAN> I lose now :/
[01:31] <M3GA_MAN> If you didn't come back I would've won
[01:31] <Captain_Pollution> Yeah, he did
[01:31] <Captain_Pollution> ALIENS!!!
[01:31] <Spehornoob> AAAAALLLIENS!
[01:31] <rossrifle> ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:31] <M3GA_MAN> Aliens ftw :D
[01:31] <SoldierHawk> so, just because I left, my logic suddenly becomes invalid?
[01:31] <SoldierHawk> How does THAT work?
[01:31] <M3GA_MAN> Idk
[01:31] <docinsano> Allens FTW
[01:31] <rossrifle> you are an alien, aren't you?
[01:31] <Spehornoob> M3GA is the Meg Griffin of the IRC right now.
[01:31] <rossrifle> That explains it!
[01:31] <rossrifle> haha
[01:31] <M3GA_MAN> Isn't Meg smart?
[01:32] <Captain_Pollution> Yeah, Hacker definately beats M3GA
[01:32] <Spehornoob> Meg's hated.
[01:32] <M3GA_MAN> oh
[01:32] <M3GA_MAN> But isn't she smart?
[01:32] <Spehornoob> No.
[01:32] <M3GA_MAN> She's female
[01:32] <M3GA_MAN> I'm not
[01:32] <M3GA_MAN> :/
[01:32] <Spehornoob> Debatable.
[01:32] <M3GA_MAN> I'm pretty sure I'm not
[01:32] <rossrifle> HA!
[01:32] <M3GA_MAN> I've got a penis
[01:32] <SoldierHawk> Well, Hacker hasn't been stupid enough to try and pick a fight with me about the country yet, so he wins so far in my book
[01:32] <M3GA_MAN> but I do got long hair
[01:32] <M3GA_MAN> :/
[01:32] <SoldierHawk> and I've got boobs
[01:32] <SoldierHawk> so stfu
[01:32] <rossrifle> YES!
[01:32] <Spehornoob> I like boobs!
[01:32] <M3GA_MAN> I still say that US lies the most out of any country
[01:32] <rossrifle> see M3GA, you lost right there
[01:32] <rossrifle> NO!
[01:33] <docinsano> SILENCE!
[01:33] <M3GA_MAN> No matter what
[01:33] <rossrifle> THEY DON'T!
[01:33] <M3GA_MAN> Yeah they do
[01:33] <SoldierHawk> And you still haven't explained how
[01:33] <docinsano> SILENCE!
[01:33] <@Fernin> you lost, m3ga, give it up
[01:33] <M3GA_MAN> Yes I have
[01:33] <SoldierHawk> So far you have mentioned KIA/MIA, and aliens
[01:33] <Spehornoob> I prefer the topic stay on boobs.
[01:33] <rossrifle> NO YOU HAVEN"T
[01:33] <M3GA_MAN> I gave you 2 reasons
[01:33] <docinsano> MEGA LOSES PERFECT!
[01:33] <M3GA_MAN> Yeah
[01:33] <M3GA_MAN> I like boobies :)
[01:33] <docinsano> Like boners
[01:33] <@Lexiabot9000> You really shouldn't be flaunting that around here.
[01:33] <M3GA_MAN> :/
[01:33] <docinsano> I like boners
[01:33] * @Lexiabot9000 uncomfortably crosses his legs.
[01:33] <rossrifle> hahaha
[01:33] <Spehornoob> In that case, I revoke my statment.
[01:33] <@Fernin> ...doc, I just might have to log that
[01:33] <rossrifle> ni you don't
[01:33] <M3GA_MAN> I'm more of an ass guy though
[01:34] <docinsano> lulz go ahead man
[01:34] <Spehornoob> M3GA, why don't you be a good little boy and play Hide and Go Fuck Yourself?
[01:34] <SoldierHawk> Mega, those weren't "reasons"
[01:34] <docinsano> WHOA
[01:34] <M3GA_MAN> My penis isn't long enough :/
[01:34] <@Fernin> NO
[01:34] <docinsano> SHUTUP!
[01:34] <SoldierHawk> They were what we call "words"
[01:34] <M3GA_MAN> Doesn't reach around
[01:34] <@Fernin> we are NOT getting into ANY conversation which involves m3ga and his dick
[01:34] <Captain_Pollution> Why the fuck is he still here?
[01:35] <M3GA_MAN> :D
[01:35] <Spehornoob> I like the soldier lady. She's witty.
[01:35] <docinsano> OK
[01:35] <M3GA_MAN> I remember the Auto-Fellatio night
[01:35] * M3GA_MAN was kicked by Lexiabot9000 (Not in this chatroom, mister!) [01:35] <docinsano> How bout those mets
[01:35] * M3GA_MAN (~zombiemar@cpe-98-144-70-164.wi.res.rr.com) has joined #sydlexia
[01:35] <M3GA_MAN> :)
[01:35] <Spehornoob> And she has boobs, apparently.
[01:35] <M3GA_MAN> I remember it fondly
[01:35] <rossrifle> AWESOME!
[01:35] <docinsano> HOW BOUT THOSE METS MEGA?
[01:35] <@Fernin> what night was that again, m3ga?
[01:35] <rossrifle> I'm more of a Dodgers man myself\
[01:35] <M3GA_MAN> The Auto Fellatio night
[01:35] * M3GA_MAN was kicked by Lexiabot9000 (We don't care about your special talents.)
[01:35] * Fernin sets mode: +b m3ga_man!*@*
[01:35] <docinsano> SHUT UP I DONT WANT TO REMEMBER
[01:35] <rossrifle> BURN!!!!!!!
[01:35] <Spehornoob> Of course, she'll probably end up loathing my rampant misogyny like Aika does.
[01:35] <Captain_Pollution> YEAH!!!
[01:35] <rossrifle> BURN! BURN! BURN!!!!
[01:35] <docinsano> Thank you
[01:36] <docinsano> how long is the ban
[01:36] * @Fernin bows.
[01:36] <Spehornoob> Come on people, that was a funny conversation.
[01:36] * Captain_Pollution fucking loves you
[01:36] <rossrifle> You just won the internet Fernin!
[01:36] <docinsano> just an hour or two?
[01:36] <SoldierHawk> Naw, I can deal with it as long as its in good fun :P
[01:36] <docinsano> becaues thats all i need
[01:36] <@Fernin> the ban is set until it's lifted
[01:36] <Spehornoob> ...Yeah ...fun...
[01:36] <rossrifle> haha sounds good
[01:36] <Captain_Pollution> When'll that be?
[01:36] <@Fernin> whenever I, or another mod, feels like it ;)