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Garfield's Halloween Adventure was the first tv special done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, Vald, Optimist_Prime, and Anorexorcist. LowEndLem and AtmanRyu both begin the special, but leave before it ends.


FigNewton has joined #mslt3k <FigNewton> You all saw why I'm pure win?
<FigNewton> Anyway, we're all ready?
<anorexorcist> yep
<Optimist_prime> yesir
<FigNewton> Ok, GO!!
<Lemmo> yeah
<anorexorcist> 100% loaded
<AtmanRyu> merf\
<Lemmo> BINKY!
<FigNewton> Those flowers looked hideous
<Optimist_prime> oh dear god
<FigNewton> The screen was all faded, but the flowers etc. weren't
<FigNewton> How lazy
<Vald> delayed reaction much? [00:43] <anorexorcist> how far in are you? I just hit play
[00:43] <Lemmo> you've never woken up tired and not realized someone was yelling?
[00:43] <Vald> 1 minute
[00:43] <Optimist_prime> im 1:00
[00:43] <Vald> i hit start when fig said go
[00:43] <FigNewton> As did I
[00:43] <AtmanRyu> what's the link?
[00:43] <@Fernin> yep, that's how it works
[00:43] <@Fernin>
[00:44] <Optimist_prime> are we pausing
[00:44] <Lemmo> dude, garfield's got some pipes
[00:44] <FigNewton> No, never pause
[00:44] <Vald> crap i paused
[00:44] <@Fernin> eh, we'll sync up with part 2
[00:44] <anorexorcist> I'm at 2: 25
[00:44] <Vald> That's not garfield's voice
[00:45] <Optimist_prime> that is so
[00:45] <FigNewton> Maybe he just has a weird singing voice
[00:45] <Lemmo> It should be
[00:45] <FigNewton> Like Ian Curtis
[00:45] <anorexorcist> no dumb bunnies, sorry Usa
[00:45] <anorexorcist> garfields words, not mine
[00:45] <Lemmo> also, isn't he voiced by Bill Murray?
[00:45] <@Fernin> fail, that was the horrendous 3D Garfield
[00:45] <@Fernin> 2D Garfield is Lorenzo Music, /the/ voice of Garfield
[00:45] <Optimist_prime> in the movie he was
[00:45] <FigNewton> Is he?
[00:45] <anorexorcist> ya, that's what I thought
[00:46] <Lemmo> my bad
[00:46] <Optimist_prime> though he is voiced by the guy who did the voice of murrays character in the real ghostbusters cartoon
[00:46] <anorexorcist> I'm with garfield, waking up sucks ass
[00:46] <Vald> garfield sounds like a pedophile
[00:46] <Vald> candycandycandy
[00:46] <Lemmo> and jon sounds like a whining pssy
[00:46] <anorexorcist> my thoughts exactly Lem
[00:46] <@Fernin> isn't he, though?
[00:46] <anorexorcist> no I'm not wondering John, shut your mouth
[00:46] <Vald> how did his head fit in that hole?
[00:47] <FigNewton> Shit... what's the dog's name
[00:47] <anorexorcist> animation
[00:47] <Vald> how is he still conscious?
[00:47] <@Fernin> cartoon physics, naturally
[00:47] <Optimist_prime> garfield is talking about sacks
[00:47] <FigNewton> *shame*
[00:47] <Optimist_prime> eew
[00:47] <anorexorcist> Odie
[00:47] <FigNewton> Is he really tall, or...?
[00:47] <AtmanRyu> Bill Murray did the voice for the Garfield movie; Lorenzo Music did the voice for Veckman
[00:47] <anorexorcist> Odie with a pumpkin on his head
[00:47] <@Fernin> the breakfast scene is a bit lame, but the music makes it fun
[00:48] <anorexorcist> why is garfields mouth not moving when he talks?
[00:48] <Lemmo> hehe, cat stand yp
[00:48] <Lemmo> u
[00:48] <anorexorcist> what's with the Jay Leno routine?
[00:48] <Optimist_prime> because he isnt talking
[00:48] <@Fernin> because he's a cat, cat's can't talk
[00:48] <@Fernin> cats*
[00:48] <Optimist_prime> it's an inner monolgue
[00:48] <anorexorcist> ah
[00:48] <anorexorcist> he's talking to Odie now
[00:49] <anorexorcist> and his mouth isn't moving, if it's in his head why does Odie understand Garfield?
[00:49] *** AtmanRyu has left #mslt3k: Closing Window
[00:49] <Vald> whered the pumpkin go?
[00:49] <@Fernin> thoughts like that aren't worthy of Garfield, you just have to take it in stride
[00:49] <Lemmo> don'y worry about it
[00:49] <Vald> anti-gravity jack-o-lantern
[00:50] <Optimist_prime> see all animals share a psychic link, that or it's cheaper not to animate mouths moving
[00:50] <anorexorcist> lol, I'm going with the latter
[00:50] <Lemmo> akaL magic
[00:50] <FigNewton> No, the secret of animation is lots and lots of shadows
[00:51] <FigNewton> You need to watch more Tiny Toons, jeez
[00:51] <FigNewton> I'd piss myself if my cat ever dressed up
[00:51] <Vald> I wish I could change that fast
[00:51] <@Fernin> now, if you start thinking about why Jon can understand Garfield, or why Odie can't talk, Jim Davis will hunt you down
[00:51] <Optimist_prime> i wonder what garfield would do if halloween was on monday
[00:51] <anorexorcist> lol quadrapeligic Odie
[00:51] <anorexorcist> part 2
[00:51] <FigNewton> Jon's just schizophrenic
[00:51] <FigNewton> I never wondered about that
[00:52] <@Fernin> part 2, and wait for Fig's signal
[00:52] <Lemmo> part two go?
[00:52] <FigNewton> In a second
[00:52] <FigNewton> Ok, GO!
[00:52] <Lemmo> k
[00:52] <Lemmo> You can't fill shit with those bags!
[00:53] <Optimist_prime> pillow case is the only way
[00:53] <Vald> whyd he step on the lasanga?
[00:53] <Vald> why not eat it?
[00:53] <anorexorcist> how far in are you? I missed the signal
[00:53] <FigNewton> He saved it for later
[00:53] <FigNewton> I'm coming on one minutes
[00:53] <anorexorcist> same
[00:53] <@Fernin> yep, 1 minute now
[00:54] <Optimist_prime> scaredy cat...wakka wakka
[00:54] <@Fernin> they crammed a lot of songs into this special...
[00:54] <anorexorcist> he's not a scardy cat, he's a
[00:54] <Lemmo> hehe
[00:54] <@Fernin> did the fence just sort of warp?
[00:54] <anorexorcist> lol gargamel wearing a gargamel mask
[00:54] <Optimist_prime> was that a gargamel costume
[00:54] <FigNewton> I wish I could do other voices like Garfield
[00:55] <@Fernin> heh, sing with one voice, talk with another?
[00:55] <Vald> That was odd
[00:55] <Optimist_prime> it's like miky from recess
[00:55] <@Fernin> if I saw a cat and a dog in costume, and no one else around, I'd be pretty freaked out
[00:55] <FigNewton> Yum... wrappers...
[00:55] <Lemmo> And no one finds the fact a cat is trick or treating odd?
[00:55] <anorexorcist> oh wow, threatening candy givers works well, if I learn anything from this Garfield special, that's it
[00:55] <FigNewton> Or is that... UNWRAPPED CANDY?!
[00:55] <Vald> If a kid tried to pull that on me, I'd destroy them
[00:56] <Optimist_prime> um wrapped candy
[00:56] <FigNewton> They're dressing as cat and dog pirates, duh
[00:56] <Optimist_prime> which is a clever costume
[00:56] <anorexorcist> mine, mine, mine!
[00:56] <@Fernin> hm, the furries are getting younger and younger, then
[00:56] <Lemmo> I have offically lost interest. Sorry guys.
[00:56] <Optimist_prime> almost as good as witch dracula
[00:56] <anorexorcist> lol
[00:56] <Optimist_prime>
[00:56] <FigNewton> I wanted to be a pirate one year, but I was a pirate the last year, so my sister said I couldn't be one again
[00:56] <FigNewton> So I was a ghost pirate
[00:57] <FigNewton> That's clever costuming
[00:57] *** Lemmo has left #mslt3k
[00:57] <Vald> oh noes!
[00:57] <Optimist_prime> why didn't the one with thumbs try rowing
[00:58] <@Fernin> Odie has thumbs whenever the animators want him to have thumbs
[00:58] <FigNewton> Wait... you said all animals share a psychic link or whatever... then why does Odie just bark?
[00:58] <anorexorcist> lol
[00:58] <anorexorcist> Odie has Down Syndrome.
[00:58] <Vald> a crooked house. thats not ominous at all
[00:59] <@Fernin> *ahem*
[00:59] <@Fernin> [00:51] <@Fernin> now, if you start thinking about why Jon can understand Garfield, or why Odie can't talk, Jim Davis will hunt you down
[00:59] <anorexorcist> he can try and hun us down
[00:59] <Optimist_prime> he will smash your head in with a "i hate mondays" mug
[00:59] <FigNewton> I was suspending my disbelief to the limits OWD gave me, sorry
[00:59] <anorexorcist> OMG who is that pedo
[01:00] <Vald> he's gonna eat them
[01:00] <Optimist_prime> holy shit james earl jones
[01:00] <FigNewton> Why do they always hug exclusively with their arms like that in cartoons?
[01:00] <anorexorcist> part 4
[01:00] <anorexorcist> 3
[01:00] <FigNewton> Everyone good to go?
[01:00] <@Fernin> part 3, paying attention for Fig's signal
[01:00] <anorexorcist> ya
[01:00] <Vald> yup
[01:00] <@Fernin> yep
[01:01] <Optimist_prime> yes
[01:01] <anorexorcist> say when
[01:01] <FigNewton> Ok, GO!!
[01:01] <Optimist_prime> garfield should of dressed up as heafcliff
[01:01] <anorexorcist> heh
[01:01] <Vald> why is it always pirates
[01:02] <Optimist_prime> why do pirates always hide gold
[01:02] <FigNewton> See, when I hug someone, our torsos generally touch
[01:02] <Optimist_prime> and not just trade it for like a different currency
[01:02] <Vald> go this guy is 110 years old?
[01:02] <Vald> man he's in good shape
[01:02] <Vald> and fast
[01:03] <Optimist_prime> if a 110 year old man can take something from you it was never really yours
[01:03] <anorexorcist> lol
[01:03] <anorexorcist> Oh shit, gost ship
[01:03] <Vald> odie just had thumbs when he was banging on the clock
[01:03] <FigNewton> ...The talking cat trick or treating who rowed across a river out to.. some house, just called someone a lunatic?
[01:03] <anorexorcist> holy shit ghsots
[01:04] <Vald> odie tried to pull a Kaid
[01:04] <FigNewton> *ahem*
[01:04] <FigNewton> <@Fernin> Odie has thumbs whenever the animators want him to have thumbs
[01:04] <Optimist_prime> i love how pirate ghosts have clothes
[01:04] <FigNewton> Electrical failure!
[01:04] <anorexorcist> the treasure is a trap!
[01:04] <anorexorcist> haha
[01:05] <Vald> never step on the board thats a different color than the rest
[01:06] <Optimist_prime> wouldn't that board be stronger
[01:06] <FigNewton> Whi didn't Odie just try and carry him?
[01:06] <FigNewton> What a dick
[01:06] <Optimist_prime> it was clearly replaced
[01:06] <anorexorcist> lol down syndrome Odie can swim, tlaking cat can't
[01:06] <Optimist_prime> candy bags have no continuity
[01:07] <Vald> who names a wooden dory?
[01:07] <Vald> and writes the name across the ass?
[01:07] <anorexorcist> holy shit the old man is on TV
[01:07] <anorexorcist> that was decent
[01:07] <FigNewton> THE END
[01:07] <FigNewton> I hadn't seen it since I was like, five
[01:08] <FigNewton> It was a nice nostalgic blast, if nothing else
[01:08] <Optimist_prime> lou rawls did the music
[01:08] <@Fernin> since youtube, I've watched that at Halloween time, used to scare the crap outta me when I was 6 or 7 or so
[01:09] <Vald> ya know what scares the crap outta me?
[01:09] <anorexorcist> what?
[01:09] <FigNewton> What?!
[01:09] <Vald> the 'Boo York' episode of the Real Ghostbusters
[01:09] <Vald> with the giant evil copies of the guys
[01:09] <Optimist_prime> is that the one where they try to explain the new voice of the receptionist
[01:10] <FigNewton> Okay, I only ate one Aero that show
[01:10] <FigNewton> I have another Aero, a Kit-Kat, two Starburst, and an Oh! Henry left
[01:10] <FigNewton> So... what's next?
[01:10] <@Fernin> Creepshow
[01:12] <FigNewton> I give Garfield 5/6
[01:12] <Vald> this is gonna be long isnt it?
[01:12] <FigNewton> Err, 4/5... whatever, I guess 5/6 works
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