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Creepshow was the tenth movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, Vald, and Optimist_Prime.


[01:13] <FigNewton> Ok, GO!!
[01:14] <Vald> FRIGGIN BREAD!
[01:14] <Vald> FRIGGIN GARBAGE!
[01:14] <FigNewton> A jack-o-lantern inside?
[01:14] <FigNewton> How lame
[01:14] <@Fernin> ooh, a model Rodan
[01:14] <Optimist_prime> that kid mumbles too much
[01:15] <FigNewton> That kid remind you guys of that kid from Pet Sematary just there
[01:15] <FigNewton> ?
[01:15] <@Fernin> he enjoys the word "crap" a lot, as well as "shit"
[01:15] <Optimist_prime> he's a potty miuth
[01:15] <Vald> FRIGGIN FATHERS!
[01:16] <Optimist_prime> ...get it?
[01:16] <FigNewton> Scatalogical references are the best kinds of curses
[01:16] <FigNewton> Freaky ass thing floating outside my window... hahaha!
[01:16] <@Fernin> ...why do I get the feeling that the AVGN had a similar room as a kid, with monster posters and models?
[01:16] <Vald> zombie at the window is my friend
[01:17] <FigNewton> Well, unappropriate affect /is/ a symptom of Schizophrenia
[01:17] <Vald> leslie neilsen? sweet
[01:17] <FigNewton> Who's Tom Savini?
[01:17] <FigNewton> I know that name
[01:17] <Vald> im taking acting classes from his nephew
[01:17] <Optimist_prime> ......
[01:17] <Optimist_prime> tom savini is the king of horror make-up
[01:18] <Vald> and.. action
[01:18] <Optimist_prime> he is also sex machine in dusk till dawn
[01:18] <@Fernin> and there's a ton of it in this movie
[01:19] <Optimist_prime> hey guys i think these guys are supposed to be posh
[01:19] <@Fernin> the comic book setup is pretty nifty
[01:19] <Vald> that chick is a whore
[01:19] <FigNewton> Yeah... hysterically
[01:20] <Vald> THIS marble ashtray
[01:20] <Vald> we kept it for posterity
[01:20] <Optimist_prime> i do so love murderabillia
[01:21] <Optimist_prime> and this martini glass killed your mother...COCKTAIL?
[01:21] <@Fernin> set your watch by the lunatic, because we're all OCD about being on time
[01:21] <Vald> I can't understand a word that old bag is saying
[01:22] <Optimist_prime> she must have the same speech impediment as the kid, in that she's crazy
[01:22] <Vald> I'd still bone her
[01:22] <Optimist_prime> the cake is a lie
[01:23] <@Fernin> burying people on your own property, tastefully illegal
[01:23] <Vald> do people really have graveyards on their home property?
[01:23] <Optimist_prime> who gets a cake for fathers day?
[01:23] <FigNewton> Dude, that guy wants cake
[01:23] <Vald> ready for part 2
[01:24] <FigNewton> As am I
[01:24] <FigNewton> Everyone?
[01:24] <Optimist_prime> likewise
[01:24] <@Fernin> heh, I have it set on the playlist, it automatically started going
[01:24] <@Fernin> back to 0:00 now, ready
[01:24] <Optimist_prime> ready
[01:24] <FigNewton> You already said that
[01:24] <FigNewton> Ok, GO!!
[01:25] <Vald> that was an interesting bleed pattern for a 4 foot fall
[01:25] <Vald> with no spatter
[01:25] <Optimist_prime> it's mostly internal
[01:26] <Vald> call Gary Sinise
[01:26] <Vald> and Marg Helgenberger
[01:26] <FigNewton> That Jim Beam?
[01:26] <Vald> I'd bone her too
[01:26] <FigNewton> I haven't gotten a good look at it
[01:26] <@Fernin> did I miss something, or is there some reason why she wasn't put in jail?
[01:26] <Optimist_prime> she just explained
[01:26] <Vald> she buried the body
[01:27] <@Fernin> that gravestone looks rather professionally made, so /someone/ definitely knew the old guy died
[01:27] <Optimist_prime> yeah she put the ashtray back andthey assumed it was a bad fall
[01:27] <FigNewton> It's probably just a hobby of hers
[01:27] <Vald> run bitch run!
[01:27] <@Fernin> lol, he wants his cake
[01:28] <Vald> at least he doesnt want pie
[01:28] <Optimist_prime> oh the staple of the 80's movie
[01:28] <FigNewton> Living room dance party
[01:28] <Optimist_prime> the dance scene
[01:28] <@Fernin> oy, 80's music... I don't even know what genre that's supposed to be
[01:28] <Optimist_prime> ill glaze her ham
[01:28] <FigNewton> I thought you could set your watch by her...?
[01:29] <Vald> if sh eloses track of time, why do they set their clocks by her?
[01:29] <@Fernin> that's awfully localized fog
[01:30] <Optimist_prime> don't bring a silly thing like continuity into this, it's based off a comic
[01:30] <Vald> zombie fog
[01:30] <Vald> did he just light a match on an angel's head?
[01:30] <FigNewton> The hell was that bang?
[01:30] <Optimist_prime> ed harris just doesn't care
[01:32] <@Fernin> just sit up, dude
[01:32] <FigNewton> Don't move, you might get out of the way!
[01:32] <Optimist_prime> best catchphrase ever
[01:32] <Vald> hmmm, fight or flight seems to be failing for these people
[01:32] <@Fernin> I like how he pushed his head back further right before the end
[01:32] <FigNewton> Don't let go! Don't let go! Don't let gooooooooo!
[01:33] <Vald> would any of you drink random alcohol you find in a graveyard?
[01:33] <Optimist_prime> she's hobbing his knob
[01:33] <FigNewton> I'd sniff it first, then maybe
[01:33] <Optimist_prime> well yeah but your an alcoholic
[01:33] <FigNewton> There was only a little left
[01:33] <Vald> mrs danvers is the zombie!
[01:34] <Vald> and she mightve gotten away with it if it werent for those meddling kids
[01:34] <@Fernin> someone make the poor guy a cake already!
[01:34] <FigNewton> God, that high pitched Synth noise is annoying
[01:34] <Optimist_prime> you know if you didn't kill the cook yshe might of made you one
[01:34] <Vald> how did he kill the old bag? i missed it
[01:34] <FigNewton> NOTE: That is /not/ a very effective way to check for alcohol in a bottle
[01:34] <Optimist_prime> turned her head 180
[01:35] <@Fernin> twisted her head straight around, apparently zombies have super strength
[01:35] <Vald> cool
[01:35] <FigNewton> Who's ready?
[01:35] <Optimist_prime> end of part 2
[01:35] <Vald> ready
[01:35] <@Fernin> I'm still on the playlist with auto-play on
[01:35] <Vald> of course zombies have super strength
[01:35] <Optimist_prime> im ready, loaded it all a while back
[01:35] <FigNewton> Ok, GO!!
[01:36] <@Fernin> hah, I had a feeling he'd get his cake before the end
[01:36] <FigNewton> GAG!!!
[01:36] <Optimist_prime> gag
[01:37] <Vald> does no one know how to run?
[01:37] <@Fernin> stupidity must run in the family
[01:37] <Optimist_prime> best story in the movie
[01:37] <@Fernin> Oh!
[01:37] <@Fernin> That's Stephen King
[01:37] <Optimist_prime> yes it is
[01:37] <FigNewton> Meteor, poke it
[01:37] <FigNewton> !
[01:37] <Vald> of course
[01:38] <Optimist_prime> well you can't drink it
[01:38] <Vald> hot rock is hot
[01:38] <FigNewton> Wasn't it glowing?
[01:38] <@Fernin> it did have a greenish glow to it
[01:39] <Optimist_prime> $200 yeah damn right
[01:39] <Vald> $200?
[01:39] <@Fernin> mm, pustules
[01:39] <FigNewton> That two hundred needs to be inflated and converted before I'll put stock in it
[01:39] <Vald> those are bad blisters
[01:39] <@Fernin> lovely, a bleeding rock
[01:40] <Optimist_prime> meh, who cares about cancerous sores i gots a meteor
[01:40] <Vald> mmm, omelet
[01:40] <Optimist_prime> no, it's meteor shit
[01:41] <Vald> I wonder if the purple meteor had bowel movements
[01:41] <Vald> vince mcmahon?
[01:42] <Vald> mmm, tasty cancer bubbles
[01:42] <Optimist_prime> they are gang-GREEN-ous
[01:42] <@Fernin> what is this, 1955?
[01:42] <@Fernin> the tv, the phone...
[01:43] <Vald> Vince Mcmahon sounding young
[01:44] <Vald> can't... keep... fingers.. out of mouth
[01:44] <Optimist_prime> i thought it was a meteor i guess it was an hemorrhoid
[01:45] <FigNewton> Something's /happening/!
[01:45] <Vald> maybe this is the guy turning into a weed the FRIGGIN FATHER was talking about
[01:45] <@Fernin> Oh no, it got into my pot stash!
[01:45] <Optimist_prime> nononono
[01:45] <FigNewton> NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
[01:46] <Vald> YES
[01:46] <FigNewton> Ready?
[01:46] <Vald> YES YES YES
[01:46] <Optimist_prime> ready freddy
[01:46] <@Fernin> ready eddy
[01:46] <FigNewton> OK GO
[01:47] <@Fernin> ...Vodka?
[01:47] <Optimist_prime> vodka kills bacteria
[01:47] <Vald> vodka solves all problems
[01:47] <@Fernin> "I'm fucked, so I may as well get good and smashed!"
[01:47] <Vald> Alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all our problems
[01:47] <FigNewton> Eh, he's fucked anyway
[01:47] <Optimist_prime> i must succeed
[01:47] <FigNewton> If I figured I was doomed, I might as well go out dumb as fuck with a two second attention span
[01:48] <@Fernin> I swear I see pot leaves in that mess of vegetation
[01:48] <Optimist_prime> that meteor was clearly a failed miracle grow prototype
[01:48] <Vald> ch-ch-ch-chia
[01:49] <@Fernin> who wants to bet that something other than water's gonna come out of the tub faucet?
[01:49] <Optimist_prime> it got to his bush
[01:49] <FigNewton> Because if he were alive, it'd make sense why he was talking in the mirror
[01:50] <Vald> who falls into the tub?
[01:50] <Optimist_prime> mr king does
[01:51] <Vald> pow
[01:51] <Optimist_prime> ahchacha
[01:52] <Vald> it WAS miraclegro
[01:52] <Optimist_prime> ted dansen
[01:53] <Vald> leslie neilsen
[01:53] <FigNewton> Umm, HOLY FUCK, much?!
[01:53] <@Fernin> Ted Danson and Leslie Neilson, the only celebs they could afford... and rather than spread them out, they put 'em together in the same bit
[01:53] <@Fernin> ...Becky? Does he think he's on the set of Cheers?
[01:53] <Vald> he and becky are what?
[01:54] <Optimist_prime> the only celebs, the last scene had acting virtuoso mr king
[01:54] <FigNewton> That's what she said
[01:54] <Vald> put your hand down here
[01:54] <FigNewton> No, /that's/ what she said
[01:54] <Optimist_prime> hahaha
[01:54] <Vald> bwahaha
[01:56] <Vald> when's he gonna do something funny?
[01:56] <@Fernin> who, Leslie Nielson?
[01:56] <@Fernin> not in this movie
[01:56] <Optimist_prime> well that depends, do you find murderous rage funny?
[01:56] <FigNewton> Wait, why were there tire grooves early along the beach, but not near the end of the drive?
[01:56] <Vald> only if he deadpans while doing it
[01:57] <FigNewton> Estoy listo, tu?
[01:57] <Vald> because the tide washed them away. duh
[01:57] <Vald> and yes
[01:57] <@Fernin> si
[01:57] <Optimist_prime> wee
[01:57] <FigNewton> Ok, Go!
[01:58] <Optimist_prime> this is the weirdest police squad episode ever
[01:58] <Vald> shovel vs gun
[01:59] <Vald> shovel can stop bullets
[01:59] <FigNewton> I bet something like this is why Coach /really/ left
[01:59] <Optimist_prime> just ask william h macy
[01:00] <FigNewton> I'd like to help /her/ comfort point get a little more private
[01:00] <Vald> did he just shrug off a bullett? [01:
01] <@Fernin> I think he just shot the sand
[01:01] <@Fernin> there was no blood anywhere on his jacket
[01:01] <Vald> oh
[01:02] <Vald> I think he got crabs
[01:02] <Optimist_prime> boy guy with the gun who buried me, get rid of this crab
[01:03] <@Fernin> No animals were harmed in the making of this movie, except for the animals we boiled and ate afterwards.
[01:03] <Vald> blub blub blub
[01:04] <FigNewton> Yeah, he's insane /now/, the whole thing with the burrying him and the gun and the kidnapping, etc. was perfectly sane
[01:04] <@Fernin> deliciously evil
[01:04] <Optimist_prime> why is mr magoo so mean
[01:04] <@Fernin> all those roles he had to play the idiot in, they drove him over the edge
[01:04] <Vald> police squad interrogation methods
[01:05] <FigNewton> Yeah, stop it
[01:05] <FigNewton> Dick move, Richard
[01:05] <Optimist_prime> that was horrible fig
[01:06] <FigNewton> That screen shorting out looked like a second grader doing stop motion animation with paint
[01:06] <FigNewton> Jesus
[01:06] <Vald> save me bucket, save me!
[01:06] <Optimist_prime> the walrus will save him
[01:06] <Optimist_prime> the bucket that is
[01:08] <@Fernin> looks like they had some plants leftover from the last scene
[01:08] <Vald> minus the head
[01:08] <Optimist_prime> bu dm tish
[01:09] <Vald> i wonder if they'll get out
[01:09] <@Fernin> it's a horror movie, so probably not
[01:09] <FigNewton> Reado?
[01:09] <@Fernin> ready
[01:09] <Optimist_prime> readi-yo
[01:09] <Vald> sir yes sir
[01:10] <FigNewton> OK... GO!!!!!!
[01:10] <Optimist_prime> they are reusing script
[01:10] <Optimist_prime> no no no no no
[01:10] <@Fernin> how can you not reuse that, it's such great writing!
[01:10] <Optimist_prime> it says so much
[01:11] <FigNewton> Wait...
[01:11] <FigNewton> I missed something, how'd he get underwater?
[01:11] <Vald> holy crap that was a fast tide
[01:11] <Optimist_prime> that's why he likes the beach
[01:11] <@Fernin> jump cut to about a few hours later, I'd guess
[01:12] <FigNewton> He's going to jump out of the sand and bite him!
[01:12] <@Fernin> hm, damn, lost mah VCR
[01:12] <Vald> he wouldve drowned long before he was that far underwater
[01:12] <Optimist_prime> he's a crab monster now
[01:12] <FigNewton> Where were the helicopters in that horizon shot?
[01:13] <FigNewton> Or did Michael Bay not do this one?
[01:13] <Vald> this isnt michael bay
[01:13] <Optimist_prime> "richard where's my cake?"
[01:13] <Vald> thats a lot of snuff films
[01:14] <@Fernin> now why doesn't Leslie Nielsen fall back on films like this, instead of making more moronic crap?
[01:14] <@Fernin> he did a fine job as an insane villain here
[01:14] <Optimist_prime> comedy pays better
[01:15] <Vald> hey, he said blub blub blub like i did
[01:15] <FigNewton> Don't fall in!
[01:15] <Optimist_prime> splish
[01:15] <@Fernin> more zombie fog
[01:15] <Vald> youll shoot yourself in the head if you fall in
[01:16] <Optimist_prime> his hair is bone dry
[01:16] <FigNewton> I wonder who that silhouette is
[01:16] <Vald> his boner is hair dried
[01:16] <@Fernin> I wonder why only he came back, instead of both him and the girl
[01:16] <@Fernin> tag team zombie fight would've been fun
[01:17] <Vald> because he said so
[01:17] <FigNewton> He swore revenge, the girl screamed No! repeatedly
[01:17] <Optimist_prime> looks like both of em
[01:17] <@Fernin> ah, poitn
[01:17] <@Fernin> point*
[01:17] <Optimist_prime> oh it's ok it's just the matelins
[01:18] <@Fernin> wouldn't it make more sense to lock those doors, instead of opening them?
[01:18] <FigNewton> They should have some cake while they're up
[01:18] <@Fernin> drown him in the tub! drown him in the tub!
[01:18] <Optimist_prime> run
[01:18] <Optimist_prime> run
[01:18] <Optimist_prime> hey, it worked
[01:19] <FigNewton> Lock, lock godamnit!
[01:19] <Vald> hey, hes actually trying to escape
[01:19] <@Fernin> zombie teleport action!
[01:19] <Optimist_prime> god leslie neilsen rocks
[01:20] <FigNewton> Umm...
[01:20] <FigNewton> What was that face?
[01:20] <Vald> he's cuckoo for cocoa puffs
[01:20] <FigNewton> Wait...
[01:20] <Optimist_prime> it's the face of someone who killed his wife and her lover who then came back to life as sea zombie and buried him in the sand
[01:21] <Optimist_prime> obviously
[01:21] <FigNewton> These are on YouTube courtesy of CreepShowMovie, and he has none Creepshow movies up?
[01:21] <FigNewton> What are the odds of that?
[01:21] <FigNewton> Anyway... who's ready?
[01:21] <Optimist_prime> this is the only good creep show movie
[01:21] <Vald> this guy
[01:21] <Optimist_prime> right here
[01:21] <@Fernin> I'm ready, though confused by your comment
[01:22] <FigNewton> Ok, go!
[01:22] <Vald> THE CRATE
[01:22] <Vald> and... action
[01:22] <@Fernin> "Shit, there goes tonight's bus fare"
[01:23] <Vald> my video is running choppy
[01:23] <@Fernin> mine is as well
[01:23] <Optimist_prime> it's joanie
[01:23] <Vald> yay math people. i hope they have a happy ending
[01:24] <FigNewton> YEah, drink!
[01:24] <FigNewton> Everyone's doing it
[01:24] <Vald> my wife is a lush... *sigh*
[01:25] <Optimist_prime> i guarantee the carpets match the drapes
[01:25] <Vald> permed?
[01:25] <Optimist_prime> and likely lousy
[01:26] <@Fernin> taking bets now, professor'll kill his drunken wife, but how? The weirder the weapon, the higher the payout!
[01:26] <Vald> old crate is old
[01:27] <Vald> I call voodoo
[01:27] <Optimist_prime> i bet it will be with an Inca head
[01:27] <FigNewton> To quote a scene from airheads... "WITH MY DICK!!"
[01:27] <@Fernin> oh, how boring, just a gun
[01:27] <Optimist_prime> good show old bean
[01:27] <Vald> *golf clap*
[01:29] <Vald> its the ark of the covenant
[01:29] <Optimist_prime> and only 200 years old
[01:30] <@Fernin> mm, 200 year old dust
[01:30] <Vald> coke costs 25 cents? what kind of wacky world is this?
[01:30] <@Fernin> probably would've been smarter to pull it out first, then dust it off, at least get it into the open air
[01:30] <FigNewton> Fernin, go voice the bot
[01:30] <FigNewton> And !bombon it, too
[01:32] <FigNewton> Readu?
[01:32] <FigNewton> y
[01:32] <Vald> any suggestions for getting better video feed?
[01:33] <Vald> ack, hold off for a minute
[01:33] *** Vald has left #mslt3k
[01:36] *** Vald has joined #mslt3k
[01:36] <Vald> ok, somone link me
[01:36] <Optimist_prime>
[01:37] <FigNewton> Ready? Part 8?
[01:37] <Vald> ok, let it load for a second
[01:37] <Vald> should be good to go
[01:37] <FigNewton> Ok, Go!!!
[01:38] <Vald> gun shot to the forehead, knife in the heart
[01:38] <Optimist_prime> she's still alive, so inca head coula happen
[01:39] <FigNewton> Aww, we shoulda watched Child's Play!
[01:39] <Optimist_prime> nah
[01:39] <Vald> doesnt wood usually rot?
[01:39] <Optimist_prime> not magic wood
[01:39] <FigNewton> Why'd he cough?
[01:39] <FigNewton> He was like, a metre away
[01:40] <Vald> sympathy cough
[01:40] <FigNewton> lol
[01:40] <FigNewton> Uh... what?
[01:40] <Vald> whered the light come from?
[01:40] <@Fernin> the sudden red film makes it all the more hilarious
[01:40] <Optimist_prime> the lights turn red when i get attacked by 200 year old creatures too
[01:40] <@Fernin> for a second there, I thought he'd died from having his arm mangled
[01:41] <Vald> why did he die?
[01:41] <Vald> i thought that too
[01:41] <Optimist_prime> uhoh it's tasted human blood
[01:41] <Vald> wow, he ran, /and/ got away
[01:41] <@Fernin> send the unknown guy in its path!
[01:42] <Optimist_prime> that won't last
[01:42] <Vald> what killed the janitor!
[01:42] <@Fernin> the furry creature in the box
[01:42] <Vald> or how I should say
[01:42] <Optimist_prime> that won't last1
[01:42] <@Fernin> after he got his arm mangled, he just sat there with his arm half in the box, and then the creature grabbed it and pulled it in
[01:43] <Vald> but he died or passed out before that
[01:44] <@Fernin> "Look at the blood! See, if I had killed him, there wouldn't be any blood! Oh, wait..."
[01:44] <Vald> makes sense
[01:45] <Optimist_prime> cmon charlie i didn't kill him the box did
[01:45] <FigNewton> Careful, the box is in that room1
[01:45] <FigNewton> !
[01:46] <FigNewton> I do not think I'd have the balls to pick that shoe up, I'll be honest
[01:46] <Optimist_prime> red light
[01:47] <Vald> dummy, you just made it mad
[01:47] <FigNewton> God, why do the lights go red and Lee Ronaldo pops up every time he comes out?
[01:47] <Optimist_prime> what I want to know is how no one looked under the stairs in almost 200 years
[01:47] <FigNewton> Hahaha
[01:47] <FigNewton> He's holding the bloody shoe, freaking out... "What happened?"
[01:47] <FigNewton> "TWO PEOPLE ARE DEAD ALREADY!!"
[01:47] <FigNewton> "Who's dead?"
[01:48] <Optimist_prime> he's very calm
[01:48] <FigNewton> He sounds like a parent calming a kid down after a nightmare
[01:48] <Vald> wouldnt you be?
[01:48] <Vald> This all makes rational sense
[01:48] <FigNewton> Anyway, get ready
[01:48] <FigNewton> I'm going to go grab a glass of milk
[01:48] <Vald> ready
[01:49] <FigNewton> GET ready
[01:49] <Optimist_prime> ready
[01:49] <Vald> im gonna get candy
[01:49] <Optimist_prime> no!
[01:49] <Optimist_prime> cake
[01:49] <Optimist_prime> shit i forgot i left eggs in the care
[01:49] <Optimist_prime> *car
[01:49] <Vald> back
[01:49] <Optimist_prime> do eggs go bad left out
[01:50] <Vald> they can
[01:50] <@Fernin> depends how long you leave em out
[01:50] <Optimist_prime> hmm
[01:50] <Vald> mmm, severed finger
[01:50] <Optimist_prime> umm several hours
[01:50] <Vald> they should be okay
[01:50] <Optimist_prime> brb
[01:50] <@Fernin> if the car's outside, and it's reasonably cold, like, below 45, they should be fine
[01:50] <Vald> unless its like 100 degrees in your car
[01:53] <Vald> i thought this was gonna be like tales from the crypt with excessive nudity, but i guess that wouldnt fly on youtube would it?
[01:53] <@Fernin> heh,. nope
[01:54] <Optimist_prime> k im back
[01:54] <Vald> fig's fridge must be in kansas
[01:54] <FigNewton> Jeez, if you looked in #sydlexia, I've been talking there
[01:54] <@Fernin> if the eggs went bad, you'll definitely know, not much worse smelling than rotten eggs
[01:54] <Optimist_prime> i love tales from the crypt
[01:54] <FigNewton> I was waiting for OWD to get back
[01:54] <Vald> that or he had to go to the store
[01:54] <FigNewton> Anyway, just a second
[01:55] <Vald> I'm just bustin your balls
[01:55] <FigNewton> If anyone isn't ready at this point, fuck you!
[01:55] <FigNewton> Ok, go!
[01:56] <Vald> That looks like patrick duffy
[01:56] <Optimist_prime> hey man calm down and relax, tell me about the gruesome murder
[01:57] <Vald> lets feed it my wife. thatll kill it
[01:57] <Optimist_prime> ok did anyone guess crate monster?
[01:57] <FigNewton> I guessed my dick
[01:57] <FigNewton> That's close, right?
[01:57] <Optimist_prime> ummm
[01:57] <@Fernin> "One more drink for the road, gotta have a good buzz to drive!"
[01:57] <Optimist_prime> judges
[01:58] <Vald> I guessed voodoo. there's definitely voodoo going on
[01:58] <@Fernin> well, Fig's dick is something that's been boxed up for 200 years now... so I guess that works
[01:58] <Optimist_prime> hoodoo
[01:58] <Optimist_prime> zing
[01:58] <Vald> zing
[01:58] <Optimist_prime> jinx
[01:58] <FigNewton> Oh har har
[01:58] <Vald> damn
[01:58] <FigNewton> You talked, and he didn't say your name!
[01:59] <Vald> is that supposed to be a weapon?
[01:59] <@Fernin> you'd think somebody would spring for a floodlight, so that the monster doesn't keep sneaking up on people in the dark
[02:00] <Vald> pausing momentarily
[02:01] <Vald> go on without me for now
[02:02] <Optimist_prime> man henry is a great story teller
[02:02] <FigNewton> ZOMG
[02:02] <FigNewton> She said "Oh! Henry" earlier
[02:02] <FigNewton> I forgot to mention
[02:04] <Optimist_prime> she said it again
[02:05] <Optimist_prime> should wait for vald to start part 10
[02:05] <Vald> if ya dont mind
[02:06] <Optimist_prime> im cool with waiting
[02:06] <FigNewton> If I knew someone named Henry, I'd always say oh! before their name
[02:06] <FigNewton> And I'd giggle every time, too
[02:07] <@Fernin> that's not real punching, that's slapping with a purse
[02:08] <Optimist_prime> what?
[02:08] <@Fernin> oh, hells
[02:08] <@Fernin> I wasn't even paying attention, I'm 2 and a half minutes into part 10
[02:08] <@Fernin> I forgot it was on autoplay
[02:08] <FigNewton> Jeez, Fern
[02:08] <Optimist_prime> whoops
[02:08] <Optimist_prime> has anyone had red apple jones soda
[02:09] <FigNewton> Nope
[02:09] <FigNewton> I've never had any Jones Soda
[02:09] <@Fernin> neither have I
[02:09] <Optimist_prime> it's good it really like apples
[02:09] <FigNewton> While we wait, let's all listen to Happy Flowers' "Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid" http: //
[02:09] <Optimist_prime> unlike the green apple version which is just sweet
[02:10] <Vald> ok, ready
[02:10] <FigNewton> Ready-o
[02:10] <Optimist_prime> hey-o ready
[02:10] <@Fernin> ready
[02:11] <FigNewton> OKAY GO
[02:11] <Vald> wilma, i thought her name was billy
[02:12] <Optimist_prime> maybe billy is a nick name
[02:12] <Vald> billy, i thought her name was wilma
[02:12] <FigNewton> I won't be able to get her out like this!
[02:13] <Vald> sooo, Dex really did kill the two people?
[02:13] <FigNewton> that's not real punching, that's slapping with a purse
[02:13] <Optimist_prime> hahah
[02:13] <Vald> haha
[02:14] <Vald> oooh, that was below the belt
[02:14] <@Fernin> ahh, there's the red light
[02:14] <FigNewton> Lee Ronaldo? Red lights?
[02:14] <FigNewton> Oh boy!
[02:14] <Optimist_prime> i am the caretaker of impotency
[02:14] <Vald> you're free man! freeeeee
[02:16] <Optimist_prime> zuul mother fucker zuul
[02:16] <Vald> why not just bring a shotgun and kill it?
[02:17] <@Fernin> a rather good point, then you could sell the body to science and claim it's Bigfoot
[02:18] <Optimist_prime> we're both single now, so.....wanna make out
[02:19] <FigNewton> OH, arguing like this while playing chess?
[02:19] <FigNewton> How trite
[02:19] <Optimist_prime> what drugs is this guy on
[02:19] <Vald> uh, he's bragging about putting a single lock on it?
[02:19] <Vald> on an immortal monkey?
[02:19] <@Fernin> putting ancient wood underwater, real intelligent
[02:20] <FigNewton> Creep/show/ing?
[02:20] <Vald> every sterile lab needs a jukebox
[02:21] <Optimist_prime> the final days of howard hughes
[02:21] <Vald> ydaer
[02:21] <FigNewton> Oot em
[02:22] <@Fernin> I ma oS
[02:22] <Optimist_prime> heyhey
[02:22] <Vald> you are not an operating system fernin
[02:22] <FigNewton> Jeez Fern, it's spelled /op/
[02:23] <Optimist_prime> bazing
[02:23] <FigNewton> You're good to go, OWD?
[02:23] <Optimist_prime> i said heyhey
[02:23] <FigNewton> Ok....................................GO!
[02:24] <@Fernin> Speak and Spell!
[02:24] <@Fernin> I'd recognize that voice anywhere
[02:24] <@Fernin> er, that computerized voice
[02:24] <FigNewton> FUN FACT: Fig's never seen a cockroach in his life
[02:25] <Vald> me either
[02:25] <Optimist_prime> lucky
[02:25] <@Fernin> I've seen little ones in person, but never the big ones like that
[02:25] <Vald> the damn herpes
[02:26] <Vald> why is everything except the jke box white?
[02:26] <FigNewton> There was a ladybug crawling on my screen an hour or so ago
[02:26] <Optimist_prime> cause white jukeboxes are racist
[02:27] <Vald> CALL PETA!!!
[02:27] <Vald> OMG!!!
[02:27] <Optimist_prime> roaches aren't animals
[02:27] <Optimist_prime> they have no spines
[02:27] <Vald> neither do you!
[02:27] <FigNewton> Is it a giant cockroach talking?
[02:28] <FigNewton> I bet that guy was married to a giant cockroach
[02:29] <Vald> vagina cancer
[02:29] <Vald> mmm, cockroach smoothie
[02:30] <@Fernin> what a dick
[02:30] <Optimist_prime> being loaded does that
[02:30] <FigNewton> I bet his wife is a giant cockroach that lives in that Jukebox
[02:31] <Vald> I think he makes reasonable demand of his subordinates
[02:31] <Optimist_prime> their only job is to keep his house clean
[02:31] <Vald> roach smoothie
[02:32] <FigNewton> Why's the cereal box white?
[02:33] <FigNewton> I think we aren't supposed to like this guy
[02:33] <Vald> but he's so lovable
[02:33] <Vald> lovably racist
[02:33] <Vald> OMG CALL PETA
[02:33] <FigNewton> READY?
[02:33] <Vald> dah
[02:33] <@Fernin> ready
[02:34] <Optimist_prime> ydear
[02:34] <FigNewton> SET?
[02:34] <FigNewton> OK GO
[02:34] <FigNewton> THUNDER!!
[02:34] <Optimist_prime> son of a bitchin?
[02:34] <Vald> it seems like the volume changes in every clip
[02:34] <FigNewton> He's like that Bind-Torture-Kill guy, 'cept just a weird psycho germaphobe instead of a weird psycho serial killer
[02:35] <Vald> so his apartment isnt even run by his own pwer company?
[02:36] <FigNewton> I really don't understand why that guy would do that to him
[02:36] <Optimist_prime> wait..i bet the bigs aren't really there
[02:36] <FigNewton> I mean... has he talked to the man, before?
[02:36] <Optimist_prime> *bugs even
[02:37] <Vald> panic room
[02:37] <@Fernin> there has to be an air vent in there
[02:37] <FigNewton> But they're already there~!
[02:37] <@Fernin> meaning the bugs could get in...
[02:37] <FigNewton> ZOMG CALLED IT
[02:38] <@Fernin> death by cockroaches... not exactly the best way to kill someone
[02:38] <Vald> effective
[02:38] <FigNewton> Ewq
[02:38] <FigNewton> Eww eww eww eww
[02:38] <FigNewton> EWWW
[02:38] <@Fernin> lol, oh wow, instant switch to a rubber body
[02:38] <Optimist_prime> uggggggggggggggh
[02:39] <Optimist_prime> shudder all over body
[02:39] <Vald> awesome
[02:39] <Optimist_prime> best death ever
[02:39] <Vald> FRIGGIN DAD is gonna die
[02:39] <FigNewton> I think it's a metaphor about how our greatest fears are inside each and every one of us
[02:40] <Optimist_prime> tom savigni
[02:40] <Vald> VOODOO!
[02:40] <Vald> called it
[02:40] <Vald> billy got eaten by a monkey
[02:40] <Vald> they had to reuse names?
[02:41] <FigNewton> Some hwat?
[02:41] <Optimist_prime> i think that was on purpose
[02:41] <FigNewton> :D lol, Voodoo
[02:41] <FigNewton> THE END
[02:41] <Vald> wow, and Ive never seen this before
[02:42] <@Fernin> definitely a great style for a horror movie
[02:42] <@Fernin> lots of little tales
[02:42] <FigNewton> I give it four drowned Sam Malones out of Five
[02:42] <FigNewton> Yeah, that was rad
[02:42] <FigNewton> Aww, remember that show?
[02:42] <Vald> I give it 3.5 Stephen Cobains
[02:43] <FigNewton> Where it was like, a diner, and they had the bug or something and the other thing that hosted it and told stories?
[02:43] <Vald> and 4 Kurt King's
[02:43] <Optimist_prime> i give it 4/5 caaaaaaaakes
[02:43] <Vald> creepy stories fig
[02:43] <@Fernin> I give it 4/5 Hillbilly Stephen Kings
[02:45] <FigNewton> Oh, Freaky Stories
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