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This is Spinal Tap was the twenty-first movie done by MSLT3K. The crew for this session consisted of FigNewton, Fernin, Mr_Scotty, and TheThunderThief.


[21:46] <@Fernin> oh, Hack, did you ever manage to watch the rest of The Shining on your own? [21:46] <@Mr_Scott> no i didnt [21:46] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Derek_Smalls, you still around? [21:46] <@Fernin> you really should, it's an excellent movie [21:46] <@Derek_Smalls> Da [21:46] <@FabriqueAuMexique> It is, absolutely [21:46] <@FabriqueAuMexique> OKAY [21:46] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo!! [21:47] <@Mr_Scott> Fucking lion [21:47] <@Fernin> what's wrong with the lion? [21:47] <@Fernin> I like the MGM lion [21:47] <@Mr_Scott> Nothing [21:47] <@Derek_Smalls> hell yeah it had scatman carrothers in it [21:47] <@Mr_Scott> it was more of a laughing "fucking lion: [21:49] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Let's boogey! [21:49] <@Mr_Scott> Hm maybe i should have saved it in a different format with better audio [21:49] <@Mr_Scott> shes baked [21:49] <@Mr_Scott> SPINAL TAP MADE THAT SONG [21:50] <@Mr_Scott> holy shit i had no idea [21:50] <@Derek_Smalls> Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight is boss [21:50] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Truth [21:50] * @Mr_Scott wishes to find the tabs for that song [21:50] <@Derek_Smalls> I learned to play it long ago, it's badass on guitar [21:52] <@Mr_Scott> nice [21:52] <@Derek_Smalls> give me some moneeeeeeey [21:52] <@Mr_Scott> 60's era? [21:52] <@Derek_Smalls> poor mick [21:52] <@Derek_Smalls> er [21:53] <@Mr_Scott> I'm digging that moustache [21:53] <@Derek_Smalls> < [21:54] <@Mr_Scott> I'm digging those shades [21:54] <@Mr_Scott> I'm hating that mime [21:55] <@Mr_Scott> Disliking*\ [21:55] <@Fernin> what was it with the '80s and those gigantic glasses? [21:55] <@Fernin> every '80s movie you see, at least one woman has a pair of giant eyeglasses [21:55] <@Mr_Scott> Rightfully nick named stoner glasses [21:56] <@Mr_Scott> Stoners wore 'em to hide there glossy eyes [21:56] <@Fernin> ...I said /eye/glasses, Hack, not /sun/glasses [21:57] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [21:57] <@Fernin> ready [21:57] <@Derek_Smalls> yep [21:57] <@Mr_Scott> yeah [21:57] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [21:58] <@Mr_Scott> They blocked it and still managed to put an add for the song in [21:59] <@Mr_Scott> At the current moment i am thinking "fuck youtube" [21:59] <@Fernin> at the moment, I'm thinking "Why doesn't everyone who uses Firefox get Adblock and free themselves from complaining about ads?" [21:59] <@Derek_Smalls> for future reference Veoh is good for movies [22:00] <@Fernin> I've never seen one ad on top of a youtube video [22:03] <@Mr_Scott> Now I'm thinking "why cant fernin ever just suggest something without inferring that that person a dumbass" [22:03] <@FabriqueAuMexique> ...? [22:04] <@Derek_Smalls> lol herpes [22:04] <@Mr_Scott> That lady seems like a bitch [22:08] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [22:08] <@Mr_Scott> Always gotta be picky about backstage food [22:08] <@Fernin> ready [22:08] <@Derek_Smalls> ^ [22:08] <@Mr_Scott> Ready [22:08] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Go! [22:09] <@Derek_Smalls> HELL HOLE!!!! [22:10] <@Mr_Scott> Oh lord that's a beautiful guitar [22:10] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Listen to the sustain! [22:10] <@Derek_Smalls> That is a sweet les paul [22:11] <@Mr_Scott> Wireless amp [22:11] <@Mr_Scott> I don't entirely trust those [22:12] <@Mr_Scott> I like this guuy [22:12] <@Mr_Scott> *guy\ [22:12] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Absolutely classic, that [22:12] <@Mr_Scott> *guy\' [22:12] <@Mr_Scott> damn [22:12] <@Derek_Smalls> Wireless sets today work fine, back then they pucked up all kind of frequencies [22:12] <@Mr_Scott> "these go to 11" [22:18] <@Mr_Scott> Old ass Spinal Tap [22:18] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [22:18] <@Fernin> ready [22:18] <@Derek_Smalls> yep [22:19] <@Mr_Scott> oui [22:19] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Go! [22:19] <@Mr_Scott> This is the only part i went back on a bit] [22:20] <@Mr_Scott> This is hilarious [22:24] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I love the reflective-tape EVH bass [22:25] <@FabriqueAuMexique> The Black Album lol [22:25] <@Derek_Smalls> Ah, the original Black Album [22:26] <@Derek_Smalls> love this part [22:26] <@Derek_Smalls> poor derek [22:26] <@Mr_Scott> Heh [22:26] <@Mr_Scott> Oh wow [22:27] <@Mr_Scott> That's an "Oh shit!" moment [22:27] <@Fernin> lol [22:27] <@Mr_Scott> What song is this [22:28] * @Mr_Scott looks at fig [22:28] <@Fernin> what a trooper, still playing on in there [22:28] <@FabriqueAuMexique> lol [22:28] <@Mr_Scott> The irony is amazing [22:29] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [22:29] <@Fernin> ready [22:29] <@Derek_Smalls> ready [22:29] <@Mr_Scott> I cant see part 6 [22:29] <@Mr_Scott> I know were not there yet but i cant find it [22:30] <@Mr_Scott> ready [22:30] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [22:31] <@FabriqueAuMexique> *cough*Yoko*cough* [22:34] <@Mr_Scott> Thats great [22:34] <@Mr_Scott> :) [22:34] <@Mr_Scott> funny [22:34] <@Fernin> lol, wow [22:34] <@Mr_Scott> I so wanna try that [22:34] <@Fernin> that kinda stunt'd probably get you arrested these days [22:35] <@Mr_Scott> Yeah... [22:37] <@Mr_Scott> That's just sad [22:38] <@Mr_Scott> I would kick it [22:39] <@Fernin> ahh, this scene [22:39] <@Mr_Scott> Did they walk out the exit? [22:39] <@Fernin> they're lost backstage, Hack [22:40] <@Mr_Scott> I figured [22:40] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [22:40] <@Mr_Scott> But thats hilarious [22:40] <@Mr_Scott> Can i get a link for part 6 [22:40] <@Mr_Scott> Nevermind [22:40] <@Mr_Scott> Ready [22:40] <@Fernin> ready [22:41] <@Derek_Smalls> ready [22:41] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [22:41] <@Derek_Smalls> HELLO CLEVELAND! [22:41] <@Mr_Scott> Oh god.... [22:42] <@Mr_Scott> That's great [22:43] <@Mr_Scott> I like that nigel picture [22:43] <@Mr_Scott> MIB in the early stages [22:43] <@Mr_Scott> I'm like five seconds behind [22:45] <@Derek_Smalls> Face melting shred [22:45] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Playing it with a violin :D [22:45] <@Mr_Scott> It is [22:47] <@Derek_Smalls> Stonehenge! Where the demons dwell, Where the banshees live and they do live well!!! [22:48] <@Derek_Smalls> AAAAAAAAH [22:48] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Hahaha [22:49] <@Derek_Smalls> oh man [22:50] <@Fernin> definitely would've been less of a comedy element if they didn't have midgets dressed as elves coming out dancing... [22:51] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [22:51] <@Fernin> ready [22:51] <@Derek_Smalls> ready [22:52] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Hacker/ [22:52] <@FabriqueAuMexique> ? [22:52] <@Mr_Scott> one sec [22:53] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I'll go grab a drink quick, then [22:53] <@Derek_Smalls> me too [22:58] <@Derek_Smalls> back an ready [22:58] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Myself as well [23:02] * @Mr_Scott ( Quit (Read error: Operation timed out�) [23:02] <@FabriqueAuMexique> We moving on? [23:03] <@Fernin> I say give him 5 minutes [23:03] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Part of me says he'll probably be back, but part of me says he's dinked out before [23:08] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Five minutes [23:08] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [23:08] <@Fernin> ready [23:09] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Derek_Smalls? [23:09] <@Derek_Smalls> yep [23:10] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [23:18] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Teehee [23:20] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [23:20] <@Derek_Smalls> yep [23:20] <@Fernin> ready [23:20] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [23:21] <@Derek_Smalls> hahahaha [23:22] <@Fernin> that's less of a direction and more of... just noise [23:22] <@Derek_Smalls> almost WAS free form jazz lol [23:24] <@FabriqueAuMexique> White SG's are beautiful [23:25] <@Derek_Smalls> Yeah they're different, though I've always had a thing for the classic cherry color [23:25] <@FabriqueAuMexique> lol they're big in Japan [23:26] <@Derek_Smalls> Coincidentally everybody that's ver played Japan is big in Japan lol [23:26] <@Derek_Smalls> ever* [23:28] <@Derek_Smalls> even one time and they're big [23:29] * Mr_Scott ( has joined #MSLT3K [23:29] <@Derek_Smalls> oh wow [23:29] <@FabriqueAuMexique> lol [23:29] <Mr_Scott> How was the rest of the movie? [23:29] * Mr_Scott ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.7/20091221164558]�) [23:30] * FabriqueAuMexique sets mode: +m [23:30] <@FabriqueAuMexique> "My exact inner structure done in a t-shirt" [23:30] <@FabriqueAuMexique> lol [23:30] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Ready? [23:31] <@Fernin> ready [23:31] <@Derek_Smalls> yeah [23:31] <@FabriqueAuMexique> Goo! [23:33] <@Derek_Smalls> lol plowing through your bean field [23:35] <@FabriqueAuMexique> I fucking love that movie [23:35] <@Fernin> good stuff, indeed