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MTV is a cable television station that went from being good to sucking very badly. So badly, it's like when the sucking is being done by someone who bites down too much and pierces the skin. Yeah, it sucks THAT bad.

Back When It Didn't Suck

Until about 1991 MTV had a 10 year run where they showed Music Videos and talked about music and musicians, and stuff that had to do with that whole scene.

Right As It Started To Suck

In 1992, a virus broke out and everyone who worked for MTV became severely retarded. As an unfortunate consequence of this, a show called The Real World was created and the world has never recovered.

Crappy Things That Can Be Blamed On The Real World

  • The Taliban
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Paris Hilton
  • All other reality shows
  • Cancer

Good Things That Came From The Real World

  • Girls started giving it up much easier
  • In 1985, hardcore punk gods The Dead Kennedys were inspired by MTV to write "MTV Get Off the Air!", one of their best songs. Sadly, their intended goal has not come to fruition.

Shows That Didn't Suck During MTV's Suck Time

  • Headbanger's Ball (a holdover from the 80s)
  • Yo! MTV Raps (also a holdover from the 80s)
  • Beavis and Butthead
  • Daria
  • Celebrity Deathmatch

After Over 25 Years Of Sucking

FUCK! What have we done!

What have we done...