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Mejarema (henceforth referred to simply as Mike) is an engineering student at a university way the hell up north. Seriously, the place might as well be Canada; it's right under Michigan's Keewenaw peninsula. If you don't know where that is, quit being a lazyass and look it up. Yeah, I just used the word lazyass, wanna fight about it? Mike is a musician, playing drums and percussion and possessing an impressive resume. Actually plays the damn things musically, though, instead of just hitting stuff. He is currently an active member of 5 groups, only 2 of which are university-sponsored. His primary aspirations are to
a.) start a family, and
b.) found a hand-made cymbal company.

Mike is fond of bubble wrap, ginger ale, butterscotch, and, unlike most of the people in his dorm, showering and using deodorant. He also never grew out of his childhood gaming experiences, and prefers to play games that are 16-bit or less. A self-titled "Nintendo fan", he still doesn't shy away from the good old Sega Genesis, but the SNES is his platform of choice, and it has been since the Christmas of 1994. Mike's preferred genre is platformers, and he excels at puzzle games, though he is also known to enjoy RPGs, adventure games, racing games, sports games...anything, really.

That's it.


Oh, WAIT. One last thing. He's better than you. Sorry. Don't worry,'s okay to be jealous.