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Nekramancer is a new member of the Sydlexia forums. I just joined, and I've already posted six times.

In real life I'm not an evil zombie warrior with horns, but it makes me look cooler, so yeah.


I joined the Sydlexia Forums on November 27th, 2008 when I was bored and because I wanted to talk about music, video games and stuff.

Life at Sydlexia

I like the Sydlexia forums, mostly due to most of the members liking metal.


I own many books, and I'm an avid comic book and novel reader. My favorite novel is Nineteen Eighty Four, my favorite comic is Marvel Zombies, and ,my favorite graphic novel is Watchmen.


  • I totally love metal.
  • I play guitar, and I'm learning to play One.
  • I like fire, and I blew up some caps for fun.
  • I'm Jewish and can speak in Hebrew.
  • My favorite band is Megadeth.
  • IN SOVIET RUSSIA, NEKRA MANCES YOU! At least that's what I'm told.