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Parenthesis (()) are set of punctuation marks that are sometimes used in writing. They can be used for citation, specification, or to provide an aside that is largely unrelated to the rest of the sentence or paragraph.

Syd Lexia and Parentheses

Syd Lexia is a major opponent of parentheses and uses them as sparingly as possible, usually opting to use either commas or hyphens to separate his random asides from the rest of sentence. Syd especially hates it when people put entire sentences in parentheses. For whatever reason, he finds them to be both aesthetically and structucally displeasing.

Valdronius and Parentheses

As a math major, Valdronius loves parentheses and often uses them in his writing. This drives Syd completely insane and he often uses his unlimited editorial power to remove as many of them as possible.

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