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Reality TV can suck on Satan's hairy red ball sack. In hell or on earth or even in heaven or whatever, Reality TV just plain sucks.

Basic Premise of all Reality TV

  • 1. Anticipation- Throughout the entire craptacular season of a reality show, the viewer anticipates the "winner" of the reality show
  • 2. Predictability- Most of the filler of these shows are so predictable they'll make you vomit
  • 3. Disappointment- The season finale will always rain disappointment on the viewers, infuriating them to a point where they "need" another season
  • 4. Reunion Episode- The stupid episode where they decide whether or not to continue the show
  • 5. DVD format- Who in their right mind would own a reality TV show on DVD?
  • 6. Garbage Dumpster- This is where Reality TV should be, and where these programs go when they die.