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Forum identifiers


Sehkmaenzo (you can call him Sehk) is a relatively new forum member, who joined June 29 2010, disappeared mid-September and came back in time for Christmas. One of the chatees, he is usually there early in the morning, right after the night folk have passed out cold on their keyboards. He is one of the international forum members, and lives in Brazil, where the land, the food and the women are hot and spicy (yes, the land is spicy, shut up). He likes using emoticons way too much, but that's easily explained by his fiery latino heart full of emotion that leaks out through his fingertips as he chats. He's also likes to draw and make jokes, as well as drawing jokes and joking about drawing. Really, any combination of those words.


The story behind this nick is a little bit long, but you're reading the sydapedia, so I assume you have some time to waste. My nickname used to be Enzo_Lions, because it was the name of this elf mage I used to play on DnD (Hey, the people I play with can't speak english all that well, they thought Lions was a cool name. Also, I was 14, gimme a break). I used to play some online games with this girl named Sekhmet (Yes, it's the name of an Egyptian lady god, I know), and since we used to share accounts to level faster, we fused the nicks together, in the lovely mashed-up weird jumble of letters that is now this nick. The girl suddenly disappeared one day, but Enzo (Now Sehkmaenzo) kept the accounts, and with them the nickname. it's now nine years later, and the games have come and gone, but the nick stayed, 50% because he had grown used to the name, 50% because he hoped they would meet again someday in the future, and have a quasi-romantic fateful encounter. But, to be fair, he really doesn't hope for that, because she was as ugly as a mutt eating sour candy.


His avatar changes every 10 days or so, but the actual character is usually the same: A pez-dispenser-shaped character with no arms and legs (but he still has hands and feel, it's the magic of drawing) wearing a hat with a golden plaque on it. The hat in question is real, it was a leather hat his cousin brought from the states. It was about some random basketball team, hornets or whatever, I was really young back then and I don't remember the name, only the little bee thing from the logo. The hat disappeared a few years later, and Sehk really misses it.


It usually serves as advertising for whatever it is Sehk is involved with at the moment, be it a game collab or anything like that. They also change pretty frequently, either drawn or made with pixel art (Sehk likes to dabble in that too)

Art-like substances

Sehk had a forum battle comic, which died when he left the forums for a few months. It has 5 issues or so, and you can check it here: old comic is old. Half the people in it have vanished from the forums. Also, here's his imgur account, where he posts the things he makes he deems worthy (and SFW):