Sexual Profanity

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Profanity doesn't necessarily mean sexual content. But sexual profanity does.

This is a list of words, it isn't a list of definitions. Some of these words should never be defined. Some of them are not sexual unless you are very creative.

However you want to look at it. Enjoy the list as a thing of its own.

The List of Sexual Profanity

bang, banged, banging, bangs, blowjob, boff, boffed boffing, boffs, bonk, carpet munching, come, cowgirl, cream, felch, French, fisted, fisting, fuck, gangbang, get it on, get off, hand job, head, humjob, hummer, golden shower, lay, mish, muff diving, nooky, pearl necklace, piece of ass, poke, poontang, porked, porking, porks, quicky, rimmed, rimming, rimjob, sandwich, screw, shag, whoopee, yellow shower, arrow, bag, baloney, balls, beaver cleaver, beef bayonet, basket, bishop, boner, choad, cobblers, cock, dick, dong, dork, eggs, gism, goolies, hard-on, hose, jizz, Johnson, John Thomas, knob, lap taffy, meat, nuts, pecker, peter, pipe, pork sword, prick, pud, schlong, shaft, spooge, stiffy, tackle, tallywacker, tool, trouser snake, wedding tackle, wood, artichoke, bank, beaver, bearded clam, beef curtains, booby, box, bush, cans, clam, coochy, coochie, cookie, cooter, cunt, fur burger, hair pie, hooters, jugs, knockers, melons, muff, muffin, nooky, piss flaps, pussy, pussies, pussy fart, queef, quim, rack, slit, snatch, ta-ta's, tit, twat, vart, Barclay's Bank, bash the bish, chicken choker, finger, jack off, jerk off, taffy pulling, toss, tosser, wanker, arse, ass, asshole, backdoor, bum, bun, bunghole, can, fanny, fart chimney, keister, moon, poop chute, rimmed, rimming, rimjob, tooshie, tush

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