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Some guy who joined the forums and wiki because he had already read all the regular articles at least 5 times.

He has over 175 video games (not counting ROMs and abandonware) for at least 10 different systems. He even has a copy of After Burner for the Sega Master System, and several copies of Syphon Filter and PSO: Episode I. In the latter, he plays as a RAmar and is currently Level 12.

He also runs his own Webs site, and created Thing-Thing Wiki.

Skinr wrote a poem about himself, and insists that it has nothing to do with anything called "Elk Cloner" whatsoever. The poem is as follows:

Skinr: The programmer with a personality

He will burn The Offspring discs

He will mod his crappy chips

Yes, it's Skinr!

He dislikes the color blue

He hates #0000CD too

Send in Skinr!

On a completely unrelated note, Skinr also creates unusual weapons. He made a non-locking, double-barrel shotgun, as well as a 'lightning caster'. He is the only person who has found the Sun Shield of Talosous in over 100 years.


  • Who is Skinr?

A person who has infiltrated virtually every facet of the Internet except for Facebook, MySpace, Japanator and the inner sanctum of the blogosphere.

  • Why is Skinr doing this?

Because he's bored, and his classes don't start until noon, so he has plenty of free time early and late.

  • How is "Skinr" pronounced?

Pronounce it "Sckennur", as in Rodney Skinner (the second Invisible Man). Be advised that this is only what his friends and associates call him. In his presence, refer to him as "Skinr, Slayer of the Blighted Nix-Hounds, the Sworn Enemy of Pablo GM, the Buffet Bandit."

  • Is Skinr Jewish?

No, he is an extremely laid-back Protestant. Despite this, he enjoys the work of JewWario and Jerry Seinfeld, although the former isn't really especially funny.

  • Boxers or briefs?

As the Nix-Hound Slayer, Skinr must wear form-fitting ring mail undergarments. The last time Skeller gave him a wedgie, Skinr was out of commission for weeks. I mean, even though he is a Semi-Supreme Overlord, he's not friggin' John Henry Irons.

  • Nice planet. We'll take it!

Sorry; the Earth is not for sale at this time. Many areas of it are open for rent, but you'll have to ask the vassals if you want specific details. You may be interested in leasing one of Jupiter's moons, however. All those can be yours except Europa; attempt no landings there.

  • I have an idea on how to save some paper!

Again, ask one of the vassals at the paper mill. (Not the one in Vivec, though; someone put an obscene watermark on the premium resume stock.)

  • You spelled "liopluerodon" wrong.

So did you. Now shut up.

  • Is efficiency and progress ours once more?

Yes, now that we have the neutron bomb.

  • But I wanted Rodimus Prime for Christmas!

What am I, your dad? (Answer: No.)

  • How many boards would the Mongols hoard if the Mongol hordes got bored?

None. Why? You just said they were too bored. Pay attention.

  • Why don't you ask the kids at Tienanmen Square?

I already know that fashion was the reason why they were there.