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The crazy video guy

Slayer1 joined in September/October to the sydlexia forums. He has no life...

  1. Real name: Brad Harriger
  2. Alias: Slayer, Viktor-, Freyjador-, Baz-
  3. Age: 19
  4. Sex: YES PLEASE!
  5. Location: Syracuse, NY
  • Abilities: Able to confuse people by thinking scientifically. Can make videos from "FUCKING HILARIOUS" to "EPIC FAIL". Able to identify which person online is a male and which one is a female. (Ex. SoldierHawk is a female, where Aika is a male) Can make a girl cream her pants just by blinking in the right order.
  • Weakness: A cute girl. Guns, beer, Vodka, Whiskey and the occasional porno.

- means these are his split personalalities... he has moments where he only responds to one of them.

Slayer joined the forums in the late months of 2008, by twist of fate. He had visited Sydlexia several times before finally joining the forums. Comments in the forums frequently and is the Master Trout slapper in the IRC. He hate's M3GA, with a passion but has grown to be content with Hacker. Enjoy's messing with little kids heads. In the long run he hopes to "be able to arrest some punkass bitches" with the powers of the law behind him but he knows he'd be like Charles Bronson from Death Wish. He's been single for awhile now and is in desperate hopes of getting a girlfriend no matter what. Stalking is out of the question since he's not exactly like Solid Snake.

After a deciding to take control of his love life, he has purchased FNJ's sister for ten rupees, at least half a goat, and one and a half cows. [1]

  • Visit his Youtube account for random stuff :D

  • His PSN account name is Freyjador
  • His SteamID is Viktor13036

Let's Slay Series

  1. Infiltrator
  2. Krion Conquest
  3. Nightshade Part 1: Claws of Sutekh
  4. Battle Clash/ Metal Combat

A moment of stupidity with Slayer

  1. Jimbo the surveryor
  2. Syd knocked up Rose
  3. Boxing