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Spanish Meatloaf (or Spammish as called sometimes on the IRC channel) is a teenage Nintendo fanboy, unlike most teenage nerds and people on this site Spanish Meatloaf (Cameron Kenworthy) is incredibly physically fit as he is a cross country runner and works out relentlessly. Spanish enjoys modding his video game consoles to a point where he never has to buy games for them (his DS currently has 1700 games on it). Spanish Meatloaf usually pirates shit online, which isn't actually a good thing and the other forum members always wail on him for doing so (hypocritical bitches, especially you Usa Satsui). Spanish is from Colville, Washington (USA) and is fluent in Japanese and... well, English. He enjoys public television and radio but isn't quite stuck up enough to be a vegan... yet. He can play the alto saxophone, guitar, and piano, and likes to arrange Zelda music for wind ensembles. He plays an online political simulator called nationstates [1] and his nation is called "Daftatt". Spanish is an avid Pokemon player and Tetris gamer (his high score in tetris is 1,647 lines after had started on the highest difficulty) although his favorite game of all time is "Super Mario Bros 3. Many people aspire to be Spanish Meatloaf (and then Usa Satsui comes in and starts being a bitch). Spanish isn't on the forums as much as the other people and while he doesn't speak out about it, Syd is ridiculously fucking lazy when it comes to content updates.