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What Is It?

SydPepsia is the official drink of, but nobody has actually drunk it. The only two people that have drunk it are SydLexia himself and SevereFlame, the creator of SydPepsia. It is rumored that it is SydLexia's favorite drink. The drink is reported to be released sometime in 2009, but SevereFlame has hired workers of Microsoft to make sure he can delay the release of SydPepsia several times.

Taste & Contents

The drink is reported to taste like Sprite with a little Mountain Dew and 7-Up mixed in. The result is a delicious soft drink with a fizzy lemon-lime taste. SydPepsia uses a secret kind of sugar called S1058X that tastes the same as regular sugar used for soft drinks but evaporates once it reaches the inside of the human body, making sure minimal sugar is taken in. This makes sure people can drink SydPepsia without getting diabetes. Hooray!



SydPepsia looks just like the image above. SydSoda (the old name to SydPepsia) looked similar, but the font for both the tagline and the main name were different.

For those who can't see the image, SydLexia looks like a soft-drink can that follows SydLexia's color scheme. Specifically, it has a huge green border that breaks into black (using a sort of "splatter" effect) and the text that says "SydPepsia" is purple. In the bottom-left corner, the "awesome" smiley is shown using only the colors yellow and black. In the top-right corner, in white text, it says "Better than dyspepsia!"

The Name

SydPepsia was originally called SydSoda. After careful consideration, SevereFlame changed the name to SydPepsia. There were three reasons for this:

  1. SydPepsia followed the name change of dys to syd. SevereFlame figured that since Syd transformed dyslexia into his online name SydLexia, dyspepsia should be transformed into SydPepsia. The name also indicates how the soda belongs to Syd( and has the name of a soft drink, Pepsi(a). Strangely, Pepsi is not one of the ingredients of the drink.
  2. The name has a VERY coincidental meaning. Dyspepsia means indigestion. By reversing it, SydPepsia means inindigestion, or simply digestion. This means that SydPepsia does NOT cause indigestion and is good for your body.
  3. The name sounds good. The reasons above all make it very fitting for the name of a SydLexia related soft drink. Plus, it's kinda cute. In that way that you convert dyspepsia to a word that actually fits. It's very coincidental that dyspepsia has the name of a soda in it AND has the "dys" that can be changed to "syd" AND means the opposite of what ingesting SydPepsia would give you (and when is turned into SydPepsia means what the drink DOES give you).


After SydLexia made his 10000th post, SevereFlame posted SydSoda on the forums. SydSoda had shortly become the party drink of SydLexia's 10000th post. SevereFlame turned it horizontal and used it as his signature.


A few days later, SevereFlame decided to change the name to SydPepsia and the tagline to "Better than dyspepsia!". The original "Special 10K post edition" (according to the tagline) of SydSoda was removed from SevereFlame's signature and replaced with a horizontal version of SydPepsia. Nowadays, SydSoda is a discontinued item and few own it. Well, it would be if it wasn't a image. Everybody can get the original SydSoda image AND the SydPepsia image, but nobody can get some REAL SydPepsia. Not until Syd and/or SevereFlame decide to share or SevereFlame releases it.