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For the purposes image clarity and convenience, Syd Lexia generally uses emulators to get screenshots of the classic video games he discusses on the site. However, they images are almost always stretched beyond their native resolution. With the exception of arcade games, which sometimes had screens designed to fit their native resolution, most classic video games were played by their audiences on a standard 4:3 television screen. But NES games, for example, were designed to run at 16:15 resolution, or more specifically 256 x 240 pixels. Subsequently, Syd Lexia streches his screenshots so that they look as they would have looked on a television. Most commonly, he uses 400 x 300 pixels as his standard screenshot size. These screenshots are still not completely accurate compared to a television display, however, as televisions had a tendency of cropping pixels off the top and bottom of the display, and Syd does not attempt to replicate this phenomenon.

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