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TARDISman's a bit of a loser. He stumbled upon the site when he was looking at a Wikipedia article about the Robot Masters that for some reason was linked to Sydlexia.com. After having a hearty laugh reading the article he discovered the other articles. Fairly oblivious to the forums for the first year or so of checking the site he discovered them and needing new people to bug after being suspended from Gamefaqs, he joined up and began his neverending rant about his eternal love for Final Fantasy and Earthbound. He's been to 6 midnight events, SSBB (Cosplayed as Ness, biggest mistake of his life), Harry Potter 7 (Proceeded to read the entire book before dawn), Transformers 2 and 3 (He only regrets one of them), Ponyo, Princess and the Frog, and Dissidia: Final Fantasy (promptly consumed his life).

Early Life

He was born in October 1990, was introduced to videogames in June 1994, and his mom's never forgiven his dad since. In 2008 he got a Zune and proceeded to load it up with 2500 songs, 1900 of which are video game songs. A year later his Zune 30 crapped out and he bought a Zune HD. He plays the trombone and wasted a quarter of his high school career in the band room playing "classical" music. His name came from what he calls the classic TV series Doctor Who. The protagonist, a person called the Doctor travels in his time machine called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), and being the eternal nerd that he is, took the moniker TARDISman85, or just TARDISman on some forums. Today he's laying about his parent's house going to community college, usually on the forums because he has nothing better to do. He's known to spending a fair amount of time on the IRC chat ranting about whatever he's doing which is usually ignored by all. He's passionate about underground PS1 RPGs like SaGa Frontier and Suikoden, so if you insult them he may snap and unleash his nerd rage. Other random games he's known to pour weekends into include Fallout 3, Titan Quest, Resident Evil 4, any Final Fantasy game, and more recently Cave Story. Currently learning to play MtG more professionally then before, and is typically up for a game on IRC. One of the more active members of the IRC, not so much with the forums. He's attempted to get his friends in the room on more than one occasion but it hasn't worked out so well...

Current Projects

Between college and playing Magic TARDISman's working on a number of different projects for either YouTube, his own curiosity, or some idea he stole from someone else

The SaGa of SydLexia IRC Playing a classic PS1 RPG, SaGa Frontier, each with the alter ego of a regular on the IRC channel. Being the distracted individual that he is, he's only completed 2 character's storyline, Fernin and Vald's, and is just starting Captain_Pollution's, although what with finals approaching he'll probably forget about it again.

The Belmont Legacy: Playing through every Castlevania in main canon in chronological order. He's finished Lament of Innocence and Dracula's Curse and got partway into Curse of Darkness before finals distracted him.

Chronicles of the Blade: Sounds like a SoulCalibur reference but its a story that he's been working on since senior year, only started writing it in February 2010, up until then he's been working on the background information. If he gets anywhere, you'll be the second to know about it! (TARDISman's thumbs up of approval)

Fishing with Dynamite: After the moderate level of success (at least to him)that his LP of FFV has garnered, TARDIS has put together a team of commentators that he calls Fishing with Dynamite, so far the known members are listed in the OPP forum,

Let's Play! Metroid Zero Mission: The next Let's Play project that TARDIS underwent, this one however remains unfinished due to his laptop having to be sent in for repairs. By the time he got it back however, he lost all interest in it. Will he finish it someday? Probably, but don't count on it.

Let's Play! Illusion of Gaia: TARDIS' current Let's Play project. This one started out as a narrative project with TARDIS attempting to have individual voices for each member of the cast. However, remembering all of them got to be too bothersome so he ditched that format and proceeded to make fun of how everyone in the game is a useless prat (Especially Erik, who he still uses the voice for him to this day). According to fellow commentators Bitwise and Beldantazar it's not about the boy Will but the mighty knight Badass McSexy.

Completed Projects

Let's Play! Shadowgate: Another Livestream, this one with the honorable guest Andrew_Man.

Let's Play! Final Fantasy V: A Livestream channel that TARDIS set up in early 2011, proceeding to play Final Fantasy V for the internets. He usually does an hour or so of FFV, then an hour of grab bag games. This backfired when colossal asshole LowEndLem convinced him to play the infamous "Indian Rape" game Custer's Revenge not once, but twice when his stream crashed. Finished in July 2011 after 4 months, 40 in game hours and god only knows how many statues killed in the name of level grinding.

Disappearance and Return

In the latter half of 2010, TARDIS had to deal with some big time shit that was going on in his life, and disappeared from both the forums and the IRC, worrying poor Captain_Pollution and Klimbatize sick. He has returned in a flaming blaze of glory (That has nothing to do with BlazingGlory) with his mighty shovel and will be on hand to spew random advice.

Music He Listens to


Iron Maiden

Lynard Skynard

Pretty much all video game music

Random Classical

Led Zeppelin



OverClocked ReMix

The Producers


Joe "Bean" Esposito

Blog That He Doesn't Nearly Update Enough