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Tebor is a moderator on the SydLexia Forums.

He won the first Syd Lexia Character Battle. He is positive that will never happen again.

Avatars and Signatures

Tebor likes to use pictures of Nuclear Man or Skeletor as his avatar. Coincidentally the two signature lines he uses that never change are: If you will not tell me, I WILL HURT PEOPLE!!! and Do you hear? The alpha and the omega. Death and rebirth. And as you die, so will I be reborn! which are said by the above in their respective movies.

Real Life

Tebor currently resides in Aurora, IL.

He finished editing a hour and twenty five minute feature on 12/18/07, but he's not a fan. Previously he edited a half hour fan edit of Superman IV, several fan music videos, a half hour short film, and countless ten minute or less short films.

Film Projects

Tebor has pushed back filming the short Dickie: Champion of the Universe! due to lack of crew and resources. The short is intended to be a "pitch film", meaning a short video to show potential investors in funding a full length feature.

Another project in development is a series of web shorts. He calls it: well produced viral.

Tebor is currently writing a low budget action movie he teases as: Breakdown meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 starring Sarah Connor.

He's doing research for another film idea which would deal with human trafficking. He teases that it'll be the Mission: Impossible III David Fincher never made.

Pet Peeves

  • When people put an extra space after using the quote feature.
  • The constant belittlement of other forum members, except in cases where the poster's post either makes illegal statements or no sense whatsoever.

Secret Shames

  • He has a tendency to post at late hours.
  • He occasionally makes long, long posts ranting about TV shows or movies that no one cares about.
  • He visits the video game forum the least.
  • Tebor's written three unproduced video games.
  • He still watches DarkMaze vs. Tebor for inspiration.
  • He likes listing things on Wiki engines. Heck, he is addicted to Wiki writing.
  • Things he likes:
    • J.J. Abrams
    • Macs
    • Windows Vista
    • PSP
    • All the Star Wars films
    • Moulin Rouge!
    • Smallville
    • Everwood
    • Greg Berlanti
    • A smoke. A whiskey. For the sun to shine. I want to sleep, to forget. To change the past. My wife and baby girl back. Unlimited ammo and a license to kill. But right then, more than anything, I wanted her.


  • Skeletor
  • Nuclear Man
  • Super Shredder
  • Fender
  • The Ripper


  • His two favorite movies of all time are Masters of the Universe and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.
  • He loves movies from the 80s, especially fantasy films. But especially Ghostbusters.
  • He can't wait for more Press Start.

Heroes (TV Show)

  • Tebor has posted more about problems he has with the show than things he likes.
  • His favorite characters are Matt Parkman and Hiro & Ando.
  • His favorite episode was Company Man in the first season.

Twin Peaks

  • Tebor believes Fire Walk With Me to be the most well-made film ever.
  • He still doesn't own the gold box.


Tebor is not really a published author (except for a short story here and there). He is still working on a book analyzing the Star Trek movies and how they relate to Joseph Campbell's and Robert McKee's STORY. No one has picked up this proposal. He would also like to spend a year getting paid to write a technical book about the science and theory found in the Metal Gear series. In other words, he'd like grant money to write nonfiction about fiction.

He will pen 12 novellas in 2009 to build hype for a spec screenplay he has yet to sell to Nu Image.

Current Forum Status

Does Tebor still care about the forums? Maybe? (MAXIMUM SAD FACE)


Tebor took an extended hiatus from the forums at an indeterminable date. When asked why he said because he didn't have a job, was out of school, the forums were eating up all his free time, the forums had been having massive moderation problems and had stopped being fun, and that he was taking all of it far too seriously.

Ironically, his departure from the forums just meant he spent more time on Facebook.

While on his hiatus, Tebor did accomplish several things he set out to do. Sadly, few of those things lasted for very long.

At present Tebor is working as a Media Specialist for a school district overseeing and fixing technological needs for 33 schools. However, his contract is up at the end of October and he doesn't know if he will be kept on for longer.