The God Of Lemons

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The God Of Lemons, formerly known as I HATE WHITE PEOPLE, is a user who was twice banned from the forums. He was incapable of putting together coherent sentences and annoyed the hell out of every single person on the forums. He was possibly a troll, and almost certainly mentally retarded. Upon his second banning, he was given an IP to prevent him from viewing the forums or rejoining. He had already been banned once and rejoined, so this was done to ensure that he could not rejoin again and clog the forums with his pathetic antics and poorly written opinions.

Upon his banning, he began attacking Sydapedia under the name I'm Gay. Sir, no one cares what your sexual orientation is, nor were you persecuted for it. You were banned for being annoying and worthless.


On October 8th, 2015, HardcoreGamer4Ever admitted that he was the person behind the troll the entire time. Knowing his stupidity, is anyone surprised?