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Exactly the same as Time Split, but from Lexy's perspective in the past.

* docinsano (~chatzilla@c-###.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) has joined #sydlexia
<docinsano> fuck
<docinsano> my car may have been towed
<docinsano> or worse, stolen
<+Andrew_Man> wow, that sucks
<+Andrew_Man> what happened?
* docinsano hopes not though
<bitwise> Captain Buzzkill of the SS Party Pooper
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<bitwise> Those were the names of the driver and tow truck
* UsaSatsui (~EvilBunny@pool-###.bstnma.east.verizon.net) has joined #sydlexia
<UsaSatsui> Hey there sexy people
<TheGreatPumpkin> is this is what happens
<TheGreatPumpkin> when you dont go to texaco lol
<TheGreatPumpkin> seriously though
<TheGreatPumpkin> where did ou lose it?
<UsaSatsui> ...I'm sorry?
<docinsano> it was parked on the street outside my apt
<docinsano> i walked to get coffee and go to the bank
<docinsano> and now its gone
<docinsano> god damn it
<UsaSatsui> Your car got stolen?
<TheGreatPumpkin> have you phoned the police?
<docinsano> yeah i called the city
<@Fernin> definitely best to put in a stolen vehicle report right away
<docinsano> i haven't reported it stolen yet since it was possibly parked too close to an alley or driveway
<docinsano> it was less than 5 ft
<UsaSatsui> You need to call the police, they will tell you if it was towed for that reason. All tows need to be called in to the police station, at least everywhere
<@Fernin> don't they have to leave you some kind of notice when they tow your car?
<docinsano> so it is quite possible it was towed
<UsaSatsui> It still sucks, but sucks less than it getting stolen.
<UsaSatsui> They do not, Fernin
<docinsano> I have no idea
<UsaSatsui> It's not really feasible, for one thing
<docinsano> they mail a notice to the registered owner of the vehicle i guess
<bitwise> Spray-paint the road where your car was
<bitwise> "WE TOOK YOUR CAR"
* Sehkmaenzo (c8db8446@ircip2.mibbit.com) has joined #sydlexia
<UsaSatsui> But again, if it was towed for any reason (blocking a driveway/not allowed to park there/car too ugly for the neighborhood) they have to tell the police
<bitwise> Sup Sehk
<UsaSatsui> Either that, or the police ordered the tow in the first place
<UsaSatsui> Wrecker drivers are the scummiest people out there, though
<UsaSatsui> That's not slander, either, they're fucking proud of being slime
<@Fernin> looking around online, doc, folks are advising others to call 911 and give them the license plate number, if it was towed, they'll have it in their police database
* Sehkmaenzo is now known as Guest56679-44996
* @Fernin blinks.
<@Fernin> how'd you get a 10 digit guest number, Sehk?
<docinsano> yeah i called 311, the non emergency line
* Guest56679-44996 is now known as Sehk_Whoops
<docinsano> it wasn't in the database yet
<Sehk_Whoops> lol
<Sehk_Whoops> Iunno :P
<Sehk_Whoops> Hey Fern hey Bonersano
<docinsano> sup Sehk
<UsaSatsui> Call and report it stolen
<UsaSatsui> Like, now.
<@Fernin> if it's not in the database by now, sounds like a good chance that it was stolen :\
<UsaSatsui> If it is stolen, the sooner you get the report in, the sooner it can be found, and if it isn't, they will notify you if it ends up in the yard
<Sehk_Whoops> Nickserv only said they'd change it to the first number, I don't know where the second one came from :|
<docinsano> the woman told me to call back in an hour
<docinsano> "sometimes it doesn't get updated that fast"
<UsaSatsui> Kinda sucks, Doc. Sorry. I know the feeling of going out there and finding my car gone
<UsaSatsui> I got my car towed out of my fucking assigned parking space because my tag fell on the floor.
<docinsano> but yeah i'll report it stolen if it hasn't shown up when i call
<Sehk_Whoops> Report what stolen?
<docinsano> my car
<UsaSatsui> His virginity
<Sehk_Whoops> Oh
<UsaSatsui> It took off in the middle of the night, he's desperate to find it
<docinsano> I'm calling
<TheGreatPumpkin> yeah man its better that you call
<bitwise> "Officer, I'd like to report a robbery -- this girl stole my heart"
<docinsano> Towed
<docinsano> fuck
<Sehk_Whoops> lol towed is better than stolen?
<UsaSatsui> Yeah. That's a good way to get the "911 is only for emergencies" lecture. Not a fun one
<@Fernin> better towed than stolen
<bitwise> At least it's not at the bottom of a river somewhere with a body in the trunk
<Sehk_Whoops> ^
<docinsano> it is
<docinsano> well guys
<UsaSatsui> Not if he's insured against theft.
<bitwise> Yeah but then the police want to know why you had a body in your trunk
<docinsano> I'm off to the impound
<docinsano> to get my car
<@Fernin> here's hoping you don't have to shell out a lot to get it back
<docinsano> $138
<UsaSatsui> ...that's actually not bad
<Sehk_Whoops> Ugh
<docinsano> and a possible ticket
<Sehk_Whoops> what was wrong with it? Just illegally parked?
<UsaSatsui> Oh, that's bad
<docinsano> "blocking alley"
<UsaSatsui> Yeah, I had that "Don't block a driveway" lesson
<Sehk_Whoops> :/
<UsaSatsui> You usually won't get a ticket for that, at least I never did.
<UsaSatsui> Unless your city sucks
<Sehk_Whoops> Offer to pay with an elaborate musical performance, or maybe the drawing of a spider
<docinsano> city of minneapolis ain't friendly when it comes to this shit i guess
<bitwise> All that itsy-bitsy spider research will sure come in handy for either
<docinsano> it'll be worse in winter
<docinsano> OK time to go
<UsaSatsui> Yeah, cities get fucking hardcore about parking enforcement in winter
<Sehk_Whoops> Later Doc
<docinsano> i'll report back when I get my car
<docinsano> laters
* docinsano (~chatzilla@c-###.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: boner)
<UsaSatsui> Go in with like a sledgehammer and scream a lot with your pants...oh he left
<Sehk_Whoops> I forgot to ask if his car was /worth/ 138 bucks
<@Fernin> lol
<UsaSatsui> ...dude, this isn't Brazil, where you can buy a house for 50 bucks, 70 if you want a pool.
<UsaSatsui> A car is worth probably 200 bucks in scrap metal alone
<TheGreatPumpkin> lol drawing of a spider
<TheGreatPumpkin> can you send me the drawing back please
<TheGreatPumpkin> lol
<Sehk_Whoops> lol yeah that dude is awesome :D
<UsaSatsui> Oh my jokes about non American people are SO funny
<UsaSatsui> !define laugh
<@Lexiabot9000> laugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H47ow4_Cmk0 Coming soon in mind blowing HD quality!
<UsaSatsui> ...what
<Sehk_Whoops> His latest shenanigans was him changing the title of his coworker's business card, from "graphic designer" to "Horse Whisperer" :O:O
<UsaSatsui> !defrem laugh
<@Lexiabot9000> laugh was removed from database.
<UsaSatsui> !defadd laugh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H47ow4_Cmk0
<@Lexiabot9000> laugh stored successfully.
<TheGreatPumpkin> the best one
<TheGreatPumpkin> is the missing cat poster ithink it is
<TheGreatPumpkin> lol
<UsaSatsui> Remind me to punish hack for that.
<UsaSatsui> Even if he didn't do it
<Sehk_Whoops> :D
<@Fernin> who is this, now?
<Sehk_Whoops> David Thorne, I think his name was
<@Fernin> doc's car got towed from outside his apartment for being close to blocking the alley, Andrew
<UsaSatsui> Andrew?
<bitwise> UsaSatsui, I think that was Hack
<bitwise> People were talking about an HD FFX remake
<@Lexiabot9000> testing, 1, 2, 3
<UsaSatsui> Yeah, almost certain it was
<UsaSatsui> Why did we give him bot access back again?
* BlazingGlory (~BlazingGl@dhcp-###.eg4.ohiou.edu) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
<bitwise> Because he's a mature, responsible adult
<@Lexiabot9000> this is weird... Earth calling bitwise and Satsui
<bitwise> Hi Lexy
<UsaSatsui> Hey Earth
<@Lexiabot9000> we've entered not a net split... but a time split
<bitwise> Oh shi--
<UsaSatsui> !calc 1/0
<@Lexiabot9000> UsaSatsui, result is: 0
<bitwise> Are you my future self come back to warn me?
<UsaSatsui> SHIT
<@Lexiabot9000> Fernin, Sehk, and Alow are all on the other side of the time split, in the future... you will get a lot of their messages about 30 minutes from now
<@Lexiabot9000> they got your messages about 30 minutes after you sent them
<@Lexiabot9000> somehow, Lexy is in both time frames
<UsaSatsui> So...I'm 30 minutes behind?
<@Lexiabot9000> I just posted as Fernin, but it didn't appear on this screen
<@Lexiabot9000> there's a 30 minute split, but we're not sure who's behind and who's ahead anymore
<@Lexiabot9000> each one seems to be ahead from the other's perspective
<UsaSatsui> !Fucking weird
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<@Lexiabot9000> bit, if you're still there, try reconnecting
<Sehk_Whoops> Doc was towed by a ship? That's pretty awesome
<Sehk_Whoops> Hey Bunny
<Sehk_Whoops> ;)
<@Fernin> hey Satsui
<TheGreatPumpkin> yes i am sexilicious thanks for noticing
* @Fernin scratches his head.
<@Fernin> you have this place bugged or something, Satsui?
<Sehk_Whoops> ]are you a wizard? O.o
<@Fernin> how'd you know we were talking about that?
<bitwise> Whoo
<bitwise> Formatting is fun
<bitwise> http://bitwise.dyndns-free.com/
<@Lexiabot9000> bit, you there?
<bitwise> I'm here
<bitwise> What's up
<@Lexiabot9000> you're stuck in the past
<bitwise> Lame
* bitwise (~bitwise@S01060022754a63c4.cg.shawcable.net) Quit (Quit: bitwis, and then bitwas.)
<Sehk_Whoops> ...Are you insanely lagged or something?
<@Fernin> he must be, yeah
<@Fernin> this is crazy weird, those messages are what... a half hour old?
<Sehk_Whoops> Can someone be /so/ lagged that it doesn't even show when they enter the room?
<Sehk_Whoops> /YOU'RE/ not feasible! >:|
<@Fernin> lol
<Sehk_Whoops> Hey Bitwizard
* Disconnected
* Attempting to rejoin channel #sydlexia
* Rejoined channel #sydlexia
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* Set by not_sure on Tue Sep 20 23:15:29
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Lexiabot9000
<@Fernin> !define random
<@Lexiabot9000> Hossenfeifer: The first step is to catch the rabbit.
<bitwise> Aw, where's Sehk?
* M3GA_MAN (~M3GA@ Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
* Lexiabot9000 sets mode: +v Lexiabot9000
<TheGreatPumpkin> he left a while back
<@Fernin> he went off to get some food, should be back soon
<@Fernin> !define random
<@Lexiabot9000> glomp: 25% Hug 75% Phagocytosis
<bitwise> Lame
<bitwise> I saw him as still online just before I reconnected
<@Fernin> woo, Lexy's back in the present :D
<TheGreatPumpkin> and thus time was restored
* M3GA_MAN (~M3GA@###) has joined #sydlexia
<@Fernin> yeah, you were about a half hour in the past
<bitwise> I didn't think that extended to nicks too, though
<bitwise> One of DALnet's servers must be mega-whacked
<@Fernin> it did, you, the bunny and Lexy were a half hour in the past, we got your messages 30-40 minutes after you sent them, including Satsui showing up
<@Fernin> he showed up and started talking about doc's stolen car, 20 minutes after doc had left, confused the hell out of us
* BlazingGlory (~BlazingGl@dhcp-###.eg4.ohiou.edu) has joined #sydlexia
* @Fernin pokes Blaze with a time stick.

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