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The Undeath is the only person on earth who can throw a Hadoken in real life.

Early History

Undeath's mom and dad had sex sometime in mid-to-late 1980. He was born nine months later in 1981.


Undeath found Sydlexia.com by putting in "Top 100 NES Games" in Google. Basically, he has an asston of games on an emulator, but was looking for some he may have overlooked or never played. Thankfully, he wasn't searching for Erin Esurance porn, mainly because he's already had sex with Erin Esurance. Twice. Once was a threesome with Mrs. Butterworth.

Other things

  • He really loves GWAR. He probably has everything they've ever released on CD and VHS.
  • Looks like Jesus. Has none of the same superpowers.
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