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Profile Information

Aixel Dys is the 594th member of the forums. He was created on January 22, 2009 by SevereFlame. Aixel Dys is the polar opposite of Syd Lexia, claiming that "I am not from your world, but I come from a parallel universe." He comes from Cakefield, NJ. He owns a erutluc pop website called aixeLdyS.coM. His title and occupation are Erutluc Pop Junkie. His mortal enemy is Syd Lexia, as shown in his signature text: "I really hate this guy Syd Lexia who think's it's funny to copy me. STOP COPYING ME!"

Creation of Aixel Dys

Aixel Dys was created on January 22, 2009. His first post was in the Barack O'Pepsi thread. He was met with a quick reaction that he was an "evil twin". He posted in a couple of more threads for 4 or 5 posts before the SevereFlame aka AIXEL DYS was started. This thread accused Aixel Dys of becoming the next hacker/zelda_god. He posted his last post in that thread, along with SevereFlame who posted 3 times. Syd Lexia said that "As someone with IP checking abilities, I am 100% sure they are different people." Aixel Dys was met with negative reactions. The thread was closed, with the last post being SevereFlame quoting a negative post toward Aixel Dys and Aixel Dys's quote "You're just jealous you didn't think of it first." Aixel Dys disappeared after posting that, never to be seen again.



He didn't. As a surprise for the supporters of RADJ, SevereFlame posted the RADJ thread under his account name. That was his last post in the forums.

Or was it?