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SevereFlameMusicAvatar.png SevereFlameZeldaAvatar.PNG ZeldavsFireAnimation.gifSuperObamaAvatar.png

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SevereFlame is the 549th member of the SydLexia forums. He joined December 7th, 2008. He lives in #sydlexia / and his title is "Master of Flame". His occupation is revolutionizing and his interests are Duct Tape,, #sydlexia, and the Internet in general.



Please read the SydPepsia article for more information.

During SydLexia's 10000th post, SevereFlame made SydSoda. He later changed the name to SydPepsia. SydPepsia has now been recognized as the (un)official drink of


Aixel Dys

SevereFlame created the first official clone of Syd Lexia, called Aixel Dys. The clone has since faded away from history, though it may come back in the future.

Slaying LexiaBot9000

SevereFlame was playing trivia in the IRC chat one day. At a certain moment, SevereFlame caused the end of LexiaBot9000. He killed it. The bot refused to speak. You could say anything you wanted and nothing would happen. You could say snake, boner, candle...guy, porn, anything, and it wouldn't respond. The commands didn't respond either. Thus, for one brief shining moment, SevereFlame killed LexiaBot9000. Until Fernin fixed it, that is.

Forum Battle '09


SevereFlame was the first person to sign up for the Forum Battle 2009, and the first poster of the sign-up, bracket, and several voting threads.

First Campaign

He changed his signature from the normal SydPepsia can to the SydPepsia can and his avatar, the avatar of Aixel Dys, his definition in the IRC, and a picture of Zombie Barack Obama (promising Zombie Barack Obama if he was voted for). The signature was animated to show the original Link come on the stage, face the reader, hold up a small box that grew to a large sign, had the sign say "Vote for SevereFlame!" on it, and disappeared.

Second Campaign

His second campaign was changing the first campaign signature to something less animated. He changed his signature to over 20 different PSA's featuring Zelda sprites. The signature had a sprite from the first Legend of Zelda, then above it was a small speech, and below it was the words "Vote SevereFlame" and his team logo on it. The PSAs were animated to show from 3-5 seconds.

Third Campaign

His third campaign was an actual campaign, a .SWF file imitating a game featuring self-made music. The file started off with a Punch-Out like title screen that said "'s Forum Battle '09, gave a short battle screen between SevereFlame and "you", and then went to a short speech by SevereFlame saying why you should vote for him. After the speech, the player was given a choice to vote for SevereFlame or not. Naturally, voting for SevereFlame was a win.


SevereFlame lost in the first round because of two reasons:

  • He got paired up with UsaSatsui, a very popular IRC and Forum member, AND the owner of the contest.
  • Too many people were morons who couldn't make the proper choice and decided to vote for UsaSatsui. That's why the forum should be blocked to mental asylums.

Rocking into SydLexia

One fine day, SevereFlame was bored. Very bored. So, he went to Bob and George and read some of the official sub-comics there. One comic in particular had a filler with a suicidal Pac-Man in it. At the bottom of the comic, it said that the comic was inspired by SydLexia's Pac-Nihlism article and gave a link to it. SevereFlame followed that link and read the article. Thus, his adventures on SydLexia began.

The official date when SevereFlame first came to is unknown, but when he joined the most recent article was Alex Kidd in Miracle World. This means that SevereFlame joined somewhere between 06/07/08 and 07/31/08. The date leans more toward the Alex Kidd date, as the next article didn't show up for a long time for him.

Contributions to the Wiki

Here are some of the first pages that SevereFlame created/revolutionized:




Link's Awakening (fangame)

Konami Code

SevereFlame also created the concept of the DELETE THIS SHIT! system.

SevereFlame ALSO created the riddle of the Secret Illegal Candle Jacking Operation.


SevereFlame disappeared from the forums on April 29, 2009, after Syd repeatedly refused to change his username to SuperObama. He is presumed dead.