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Char Aznable: Fun fact: This election will either give us the first black president or the oldest president ever.*

* I should look this up, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. And it's late. [1]

Valdronius: Don't worry Char, I looked it up. Obama is indeed black. [2]

- Char Aznable & Valdronius

Whatever, crabs are awesome, I want crabs right now! [3]

- Blackout

I'd kill my family if someone said it was the only way I could watch Back to the Future ever again. [4]

- Douche McCallister

Life has too many playable characters. I say it's high time we drastically trim the roster.

- Syd Lexia

sidewaydriver: I've been lurking for about a year now but I only made an account yesterday. I was going to wait till I found a cool picture and a neat quote before I posted.

Syd Lexia: I think I deleted your account once as a potential spam account and you had to re-register. I greatly apologize.

sidewaydriver: Actually I am a spam account. I just came here to tell Syd that he has a long lost uncle in Zimbabwe who recently died and left him billions of dollars. I just need all your banking information first so I transfer all the money into a Swiss bank account in your name. Oh, and I have lots of cheap prescription drugs if you want any.

- sidewaydriver & Syd Lexia

I enjoy a phat beat and killer rhymes, but the damage that rap has done to American female asses is completely unforgivable.

- Syd Lexia

Years ago, while a buddy and mine were at the mall, there was a table set up near the food court, being run by the OCA (Oregon Christians' Allianace) who are damn-near millitant Super Right Wing christians. They were passing out flyers on how evil homosexuality was and trying to get people to sign a petition to revoke a messure that had recently passed that gave same sex couples the right to be included in "Family Medical Leave" plans with employers.

The flyer had all kinds of just ridiculus crap in it. Basically insinuating that all gay men are pedophioles, and spend all day long raping each other in public bathrooms and shit.

So, my friend and I went up, looked at the flyer, listened to thier speil, and then when they asked us if we wanted to sign the petition, we looked at each and said in our worst lisps:

"I don't know baby, should we sign this? I don't want to get raped in the bathroom.....well, unless it was by you."

"Yeah, that shit's scary. Some fags just don't have any class, unlike us. At least we have enough decency to wait until we are in the privacy of our own home before you ram your big old meat saugage into my caboose!"

"Oooooohhhh.. That's sounds like fun! Come on let's hurry on home! The Bald Avenger is eager to sneak in your backdoor, and steal some fudge from your freezer!"

Then we kissed right in front of them and left hand in hand. I swear to god, one of the guys at the table ran to bathroom to puke. And, the others just stared in total shock. Serves them right, bigotious assholes.

- Knyte

But yeah, I'd definitely be down for a sausage fest.

- Valdronius

And lo she did ride upon the beast, clothed in purple and gold, drunk on the blood of saints, playing Jenga on the Wii.

- Blackout

A haiku I tried to make in Junior High when my English teacher told my class to write a poem of any kind, went something like this: (Note: it doesn't go by the rules)

Cold blooded killer

Blood and guts all over the walls

Machete in man's stomach

I was brought in by my teachers the next day (with a psychologist in the room), who thought it was serious. I laughed SO hard and I told them it was a joke.

- Mr. Bomberman

I think Home Alone needed some good fucking. Just in the middle of wacky hijinks, cut to the mom taking it in the ass.

- kenthegod

i want it to have a "enter name"-function. you enter the name of a person and, slap bang, google right into his asshole.

- i'll_bite_your_ear