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jonnymorgue is/was/might-have-been/could-still-be a forum member, joined late 2006.


jonnymorgue (concatenated, noncapitalized) is an Iowa-native forum member, with no primary specialties aside from amateur, mediocre graphic manipulation and puns. He worked as a computer consultant for Dark Maze Studios and hopes it's proprietoris not totally pissed off with jonnymorgue's sub-par skills. (right...?)

jonnymorgue's criminal history was brought to light in a smear campaign advia Valdroniusduring the Character Battles. Despite his previous objectionable behavior, jonnymorgue came in second place above Syd himself (thus toppling both Lexias) and behind Tebor.


Through the disorganization of changing jobs, residences, and relationships, much of jonnymorgue's time to dedicate to the forums became infrequent to the point of many-moon absences. He hopes the 2008 NES Championshipwill aid him in truancy problem and revive him as a fully active participant of the forums. He also hopes to not get dickstabbed by Syd or anyone else for speaking in the third person by creating his own wiki page.