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--- A locked thread is a thread that has been locked, meaning posting for that topic has been closed for further posting for several reasons. Some of those reasons include:

  • Too many forumers are being douchebags
  • The thread is pointless and/or is prone to flame wars.
  • A combination of the above.

Locked Threads

There have been several locked threads in the history of the SydLexia.com forums. Here is an archive of those threads by name:

  1. ^___^;;
  2. 186
  3. A Day Without Mexican Raping
  4. A kidnappers favorite kind of parent.
  5. amazing news!
  6. Apple, the Lord of Ripoffs?
  7. Ariel Sharon
  8. Basic forum rules updated.
  9. ATTN: Children of Slayer
  10. ATTN: JEW
  12. ATTN: Spanky McCracken
  13. attn: sydlexia See also: April Fools' Day 2006
  14. The article that was kidnapped by ninjas
  15. Banned: maddoxownsyou
  16. Big Signatures
  17. Bin Laden offers truce to the U.S. in his new tape
  18. Can we all please calm the fuck down?
  19. Christmas Ornament Showcase
  20. drugs.
  21. Elmo: "Who Wants To Die?"
  22. Eugenics
  23. Everything Must Go
  24. Extra-Crunchy Character Battle Cage-Match: Jeebus vs JonSnow
  25. First person to post without having their name changed wins!
  26. For the complete morons who think I'm fat
  27. Forum Statistics
  28. Fuck Apple. Fuck them so hard.
  30. GPFontaine for President
  31. Hackers threads are awesome
  32. Halo 3 topic
  33. Happy Easter
  34. Happy New Year
  35. Hey! Yeah, you!
  36. Ice-cold needs a red hot bannination!
  37. I have a question
  38. I lost my flash drive
  39. I'm new
  40. I'm new(2)
  41. Important.
  42. Italy: Atheist sues priest for saying Jesus existed.
  43. It's daylight savings time.
  44. jon snow
  45. JonSnow Vs. Science
  46. Last person to post wins!
  47. Make a poem about a pussy and a dick
  48. Miniature Sunday football rant
  49. Murdar: The Last Option
  50. The Murdar-Clyde Tie: What Shall We Do Now?
  51. My Post Count
  52. Need Financial Assistance
  53. Now for some random thoughts.
  54. On the subject of M3ga Man
  55. Out of Commission
  56. Presidential Address to the Nation
  57. Push the Button, Frank
  58. Random thoughts.
  59. Random Thoughts II
  60. RegalSin: Two week ban.
  61. SevereFlame aka AIXEL DYS See also: Aixel Dys
  62. SMB3
  63. Sorry (Happy April Fools' Day.)
  64. Spider-Man 3 (and overall franchise)
  65. syds B-Day!
  66. This Thursday is the end of the world.
  67. To go or not to go?
  68. Tomorrow is my birthday
  69. Weather Changes
  70. What the hell Syd
  71. What's your job?
  72. What snowmen do in the summertime!
  73. Wikipedia articles as replies
  74. Why do you humans make such rediculous sex rules?
  75. You guys are dicks
  76. You know what's awesome?
  77. you win
  78. 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day'

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