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Star Wars is a fictional story that takes place A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.


A guy is super powerful, he gets manipulated, he kills everyone, he has some babies, he chops off his son's hand, his son chops off his hand, he takes off his mask, he dies, the good guys win.


Vader (aka "A guy")

A powerful emo guy who used to be called Master Skywalker by his droid.


Vader's Son


Luke's Sister who makes out with him


Hairball that carries a frigg'n awesome gun.

SciFi Geek Appreciation

The Best Science Fiction Series Ever

The best science fiction series ever, despite some people being unable to understand the greatness of the prequels because they have more fond (and biased) memories of the original trilogy. Way better than Star Trek could ever be.


A classic Sci-Fi movie that is best seen through the eyes of a child. Adults have trouble getting past the cheesiness - especially in the wake of the horrible prequels that concentrated more on special effects than good storywriting or good acting. Pales in comparison to the more intellectual Star Trek franchise.

- Cattivo

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