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I'm in ur forumz derailing ur threadz.

Aika is a member of the SydLexia forums. She is currently the only regular female poster, which makes her the butt of a lot of jokes (proving once again why she is the only female poster). As she no longer appears in the forums, she has been replaced by SoldierHawk. Nevermind, she's back in the IRC, and SH is still on the forums.

Ever since she posted pictures of herself male forum members have been hitting on her in a futile attempt at finally getting laid by a hot gamer chick. This kind of behavior can lead to the complete derailing of any thread she appears in. Not to mention the fact that a bunch of forumers emailed her pictures of their schlongs without her even asking. Seriously, what the cleavage-fucking Christ? This is why hot chicks don't get involved with message boards!


Arm Wrestling

Aika is a professional arm wrestler. While she is currently not the champion of her division, she has been making strides towards the top of her group. Analysts believe that she will be a top contender in the 2009-2010 season and barring any injuries are betting the proverbial farm on it. She recently defeated Mask X. And then she came.


Aika is a 22-year-old college student majoring in International Studies (w/ specialization in East Asia) while also pursuing TESOL certification. She also studied Japanese in college, and now knows enough to hold a (mildly coherent) conversation. She also assists the Japanese professor at her university by functioning as the professor's teaching assistant (TA). She's hoping to graduate college next spring, but who knows. She was recently asked out by a smokin' hot Japanese guy, and has accepted, and thus is no longer single. Send pictures of your schlong at your own risk.

Video Games

A huge gamer, Aika has fond memories as a child of staying up late and watching her father play RPGs on the SNES. Some of her favorite games include:

  • Final Fantasy VI, XII, & Tactics
  • Shadow Hearts
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Sims 2 (fuck you, I'm a girl)
  • Tomb Raider: Legend

Legend of the Emailed Penis Pictures

Legend has it that several members of the forums sent Aika pictures of their private regions. The number of forumers who sent their pictures has not been confirmed and neither has the names of those people.


  • Aika is fucking hot goddammit. Don't hate.
  • She loves the colors red, purple, silver, and black.
  • She also adores eating cherries.
  • Aika has a huge crush on someone on the forum. No, it's probably not you. Unless of course your name is Ross Rifle. Iamnotsleepingwithross.png
  • She is deathly afraid of spiders and heights.
  • Teaching assistants have rough, oiled up sex with the entire class.