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The Legend of Ross Rifle

Ross Rifle was born in 1989 into a life of rock. His lullaby was "Sweet Child O' Mine" and he loved metal. He picked up the guitar in 8th grade and started a band. As it turned out, the band sucked and had no motivation. When they all suggested a punk-rock cover of 50 Cent's "P.I.M.P.", he quit the band, and quit playing guitar. All that changed when he heard Eddie Van Halen's legendary instrumental "Eruption", a song he hadn't heard in many years. He was lead guitarist of Chainsaw Symphony, until their disbandment in 2008. He is now working on a solo album. Ross Rifle also has a ball crushing record collection. He is now working on a solo album which is sure to be awesome.

Where Ross Lives


Ross Rifle's Guns

Ross Rifle owns 7 guitars, which he refers to as his "guns":

Stacey the Psycho Hosebeast: Ross' first guitar. It is a chrome-copy of a Gibson SG that Ross placed a Gibson decal on. Gets 'em every time.

Red: Ross' baby. A red OLP Musicman, just like what Eddie Van Halen played in the early 90s.

Isabelle: Black Typhoon Les Paul. Great sound, will probably become Ross' #1.

Marion: Ross' first acoustic. Excellent sound. Covered in burns and melt-marks, from God-knows-what.

Esmerlda the Pirate Wench: Ross' 12-string acoustic. Loves it.

Betty Boop: Ross' red 1985/86 Sessions bass. With its basic colour and pointed headstock, it is a seminal 80s instrument.

Melanie: A Peavey JF1 EX Semi-hollowbody. Looks like a Gibson ES-335. Honeyburst. Named after his friend Mel, who was with him when he bought it.



Rock N' Roll will never die.