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Ermacy.JPG Ermac before his final demise

Mj.jpg He is now free from all pain

Ermac was a member of the Forums, he is a Senior at the University of Memphis. He is 25 years old and grew up playing the NES, watching Pro Wrestling and following the NBA. He found this site looking for the top NES games of all time and initially registered under the username "ReaXan". He came back a year later and decided to stay for good shortly after the top SNES list came out and after realizing that many forum members were in his age group.


Life Outside of the Forums

Ermac really isn't a nerd(doesn't play cards) but he isn't a jock either( didn't play HS sports and isn't an asshole). He is a runner though and enjoys working out when he isn't sitting at his computer desk being lazy. He builds computers as a hobby and can fix almost any computer problem you can throw at him similar to Knyte. He offered to send Dr.Jeebus a computer, but he didn't want to pay the shipping on it which would have been insane.

Departure,Return and Final Departure

Ermac left originally in Feb 2009 because he knew that the IHOP D@D culture of would never get his humor. He asked Syd to ban him but was denied that request.

Ermac pissed alot of people off before the tag team forum war of 2010. After gaining access to the NWO he proceeded with his Red and Black attack to tell some members what loser pieces of shit they were. They couldn't believe someone had the balls to tell them the truth and like anyone who does that he was promptly crucified. In today's world that would be the equivalent of being hit behind with a steel chair.

He was banned on June 28th 2010. He will not return 3 days later as he doesn't give 2 shits that he was banned and was getting bored of the place anyway.

His final opus was in the sydlexia chatroom, where he finally left the site for good under the name "SoldierHawksPenis"


Ermac has a laundry list of people that didn't like him, either because they talked shit so they could be popular with other IHOP D@D loosers or that they refused to look at anyone's opinion besides their own.

His fans will forever remember him for his breakthrough album "Thriller" .

Favorite Created Threads

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